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3Aug, 16

“Call of Duty! Is it waning? Is it fair to expect?”

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John Heslam writes:- As we move into August another Cricket season is rapidly moving towards its close, and if we want to be frank it hasn’t been a great season at Reed! Most of our [...]

1Jul, 16

Sunday Cricket – Dying in front of our eyes!! Are League Cricket formats and “attitudes” to blame?”

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The governing bodies of most sports are wringing their hands and worrying about participation levels falling. Cricket is no exception, and whilst the major Cricket Leagues and the ECB fret mainly about the state of [...]

30May, 16

Robbo Rant Reaps Results! – but is the future “Orange” or Bleak!

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The operational and management format of our Club is volunteer led. We have a long and proud history and heritage of “self help” club development that has taken us an enormous distance since 1975, away [...]

19May, 16

As my Granny would have said……

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My Grandmother was a product of the early 20th century, and was renowned in our family for her “wise old sayings”. My own children will confirm these were often repeated in our home as they [...]

18Nov, 15

Working the cycles of Consumer Contempt

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It’s our usual dank, dark, damp, close season, and this is not really an article with an awful lot to do with Cricket, but it is some food for thought, and an explanation as to [...]

24Aug, 15

“Cricketing Ethic flounders in confusion – and why our “Jonno” needs to play International Cricket!”

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Ageing Colonels and other “old boys” who enjoy watching our great sport at various levels have been choking on their sherries for many years now as the structure, rules and past ethics of the game [...]

21Jun, 15

9.9.12 – Is the scale of the Achievement only now beginning to sink in?

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Summer Solstice Day 2015 arrives – but where is the summer? Pretty bleak and unpleasant this cricket season so far! Yesterday saw 73% of the Saracens Herts Cricket League Fixtures washed out, but incredibly, from [...]