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1st XI Batting Partnerships

1st344Chris Jackson and Tom FulkHare Street and Hormead11-May-03
2nd243*Michael Curtis and Chris JacksonSandridge28-Jul-01
3rd234*William Heslam and Richard WhartonBromham15-May-16
4th175Phil Frenay and Richard BarlowHoddesdon23-Aug-09
5th162*Duncan Easley and Michael CurtisSundon Park2-Jun-91
6th169Richard Pearce and Nick SmithDe Havilland17-Jul-94
7th112*Duncan Easley and Richard RobertsonSt. Margaretsbury27-May-91
8th119*Kallum Ward and Mitchell CooperTitanic24-Aug-08
9th82Michael Berks and Simon JacksonAbbots Langley18-Jun-05
10th74*Richard Robertson and Chris BovingtonHatch End3-Aug-96
* Indicates Unbroken

2nd XI Batting Partnerships

1st=205Ed Blissett and Will HealdPreston28/8/05
1st=205Sam Fairbrother and Rhodri HughesKnebworth Blue29/6/14
2nd188William Heslam and Marcus MartinBotany Bay II4/5/13
3rd169Ed Blissett and Peter BakerRoxbourne15/9/02
4th177Simon Roberts and Mark PeartGuilden Morden31/5/98
5th145Bernie Parsons and Duncan EasleyBlack Horse27/9/91
6th165Ray Kingshott and Ben BowlesSouth Loughton21/4/02
7th127Ian Roberts and Jason NolanWaltham Cross Rosedale21/5/88
8th151Jack Tidey and Sean TideySandridge8/5/10
9th113Roddi Liebenberg and Rupert MartinTotteridge Millhillians II21/5/11
10th91*Stuart Smith and Rob LankesterKnebworth Blue16/7/17
* Indicates Unbroken

3rd XI Batting Partnerships

1st239William Heslam and Paul GarrottKings Langley III04 Jun 11
2nd134John Heslam and Fergus MartinStevenage V04 Aug 07
3rd148John Heslam and Maseeh NaeemLetchworth12 May 07
4th163Michael Robertson and Maseeh NaeemFlamstead28 Jul 07
5th127Tom Greaves and Kallum WardSt. Margaretsbury03 May 08
6th119Marcus Baker and Matt YatesBayford & Hertford Nondescripts27 May 17
7th=111Ray Kingshott and Ian RobertsBerkhamsted II07 Sep 13
7th=111Maseeh Naeem and Julien FynnHertford21 May 16
8th103*Alan Ward and James DayLeverstock Green26 Aug 06
9th104Josh Conley and Michael RobertsonHertford23 Jul 16
10th64*Maseeh Naeem and Christian MartinSawbridgeworth II17 Jul 10
* Indicates Unbroken

4th XI Batting Partnerships

1st142Peter Baker and Paul GarrottWormley III8-May-10
2nd188Marcus Baker and John KershawKing's Langley30-May-09
3rd191Zac Conley and Martin JohnsonStevenage VI29-Aug-15
4th185Zac Conley and Kieren WilloughbyDatchworth IV23-May-15
5th174Peter Baker and Alan WardNorth Mymms18-Jul-09
6th103*Richard Barlow and Kallum WardNorth Mymms19-Jul-08
7th124Kallum Ward and Richard RobertsonBushey III23-Jul-11
8th86*Alan Ward and Will KirbyKnebworth Park16-May-09
9th45Jason Pallett and Chris WestChipperfield Clarendon2-Jul-11
10th49Ian Roberts and Kieren WilloughbyLanglebury V6-Jun-09
* Indicates Unbroken