2012 Hon. Secretary’s Report

As 2011 rolled gently into 2012 we had little idea that 2012 was to prove to be an epic season for our Club, one with features and highlights that will quite possibly never be matched again! Novembers AGM 2011 saw a number of changes in the Clubs playing hierarchy with Rob Willoughby taking on the leadership of the Saturday 4th Xl, Tom Greaves the Sunday 1st Xl and Marcus Baker the Sunday 2nd Xl. Stuart Smith took over as Midweek Captain and also provided a welcome younger influx to the RCC General Committee. Mark King undertook the role of Coaching Co-ordinator, but an embarrassing rules related restriction on RCCGC numbers led to stalwart and much respected Committee Members Graham Smith and Paul Garrott withdrawing their nominations to stand for 2012, and thereby taking at least one years rest on the sidelines. After a successful Annual Dinner and Awards Evening at The Jester Hotel in Odsey we looked forward with the usual eager anticipation to the new playing season. This summer we welcomed Alex Kelly as a new member who required registration as an overseas player from Australia. Alex played as an effective bowler in both the 1st and 2nd Xl’s at various stages of the season and was a vociferous and lively social member and supporter of the Club throughout the Village Cup campaign! Of the 2011 retirees and injured players Simon Jackson returned for a few notable and successful late season appearances in both the 1st and 2nd Xl’s, whilst Will Clark began to play again with conspicuous all round success for the 2nd Xl. Regrettably Graham Wilson never reappeared, a big loss to the Club as his much improved bowling had been a [...]