Minutes of the Fifty-ninth Annual General Meeting of Reed Cricket Club held in the Pavilion on 19th November 2015 starting at 2000hrs.

Andrew Emms, (Club President), Chairman of AGM, Peter Baker, (Minute Taker), Marcus Baker, Roger Bowcock, Matt Bowles, Lloyd Bowman, Clive Collins, Keith Collins, Mitchell Cooper, Jonathan Fynn, Toby Fynn, Neil Gardner, Tom Greaves, Neil Haslam, James Heslam, John Heslam, William Heslam, Peter McMeekin, Richard Robertson, Cilla Robertson, Michael Robertson, Bethan Smith, Graham Smith, Stuart Smith, Jack Tidey, Peter Tidey, Sean Tidey, Tim Tidey, Peter Wholley, Rob Willoughby.

Apologies for absence:
Chris Baker, Richard Barlow, Dennis Easley, Roger Fulk, Chris Jackson, Marcus Martin, Paul Watts.

1. To approve the Minutes of the AGM held on 27th November 2014.
Minutes had been previously circulated and published on the RCC Website.
Approval was proposed by Richard Robertson, seconded by Neil Haslam, unanimously agreed and signed by the President.

2. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the previous AGM on 27th November 2014.
A. Change in Rules:
According to Club Constitution, when Rules are changed or amended, the Honorary Secretary must give written notice to the Chief Officer of the Police and to the Clerk of the Local Authority.
Action: The Hon. Secretary to notify those concerned.
Discharged. So notified and agreed with all parties that this was no longer necessary in the future.

B. There had been a proposal by Stevenage CC regarding match rules in Divisions 1 to 12 of the Herts League for 2015:
Club members and in particular those playing in the Saturday 2nd XI had been canvassed twice in the preceding months. Marcus Martin informed the membership that players were against the proposal.
Action: The Hon. Secretary to notify the Herts Cricket League management of Reed CC’s opposition to the proposal to have “spilt format” match rules in Divisions 1 to 12.
Discharged. So notified. Despite the majority of Clubs surveyed being against the proposal, when it came to the Hertfordshire League’s AGM, the two-format matches were introduced with immediate effect.

C. Composition of the General Committee:
Rob Willoughby suggested that the Captains of the 3rd and 4th Teams should be automatic members of the General Committee.
Action: To be brought forward for discussion at the next General Committee meeting.
Discharged. This was discussed at the General Committee then deferred to the Sub-Committee reviewing the Club Constitution, (see below). It was decided not to include the Captains of the 3rd and 4th XIs in the General Committee automatically.

D. Club Constitution:
Peter Baker said that his intention was to review and overhaul all the Club Constitution by the autumn of 2015 so that out-dated Rules can be deleted or amended. Concurrently, the General Committee will review the Rules and time-scales for Nominating Vice-Presidents.
Action: The new Committee to review the Club Rules. This Action will be brought forward for discussion at the next General Committee meeting.
Discharged. A Sub-Committee of Cilla Robertson, Rob Willoughby and Richard Robertson chaired by Peter Baker reviewed the Rules. A revised Constitution has been brought to this AGM for acceptance by the membership – see item 5.

3. To receive the Honorary Secretary’s Report.
Peter Baker’s Report had been previously circulated and published on the RCC Website.
Receipt of the Hon. Secretary’s Report was proposed by John Heslam, seconded by Jonathan Fynn and accepted unanimously.
After a proposal by John Heslam, a Vote of Thanks was given to Peter Baker.

4. To receive the Annual Accounts.
Annual Account: The Honorary Treasurer, Bethan Smith, presented financial data to the year ending 30th September 2015.
The 2013/14 Annual Accounts had been audited by Jonathan Fynn and John Heslam since the last AGM. Some late payments into the Treasurer had delayed auditing the 2014/15 Accounts but it was anticipated that these would be audited and completed by the date of the next General Committee Meeting. The Closing Balance at 30/9/15 stood at a comfortable £18,898.95p although this total was approximately £1,500 less than in 2014.
Receipt of the Annual Accounts was proposed by Peter McMeekin, seconded by Roger Bowcock and accepted unanimously.
After a proposal by Cilla Robertson, a Vote of Thanks was given to Bethan Smith.

Bar Account: Bar Committee Chairman, Peter McMeekin, presented Accounts relating to the Bar that also included Profitability Analysis up to 1st October 2015. Peter highlighted specific events during the year at which Bar takings had been very good.
61.7% Profitability was slightly higher than it had been in 2014.
Profit for the period was £8,268.16p and the Balance carried forward was £2,070.01p.
Receipt of the Bar Account was proposed by Tom Greaves, seconded by Jack Tidey and accepted unanimously.
Peter commented that RCC Bar takings at the Bonfire and Fireworks display organised by the Reed Village Hall committee and held two weeks ago were £860 and that this partnership continued to maintain good public relations between the Club and the local community.
After a proposal by Stuart Smith, a Vote of Thanks was given to Peter McMeekin. In turn, Peter wished to record his additional thanks to John Heslam, Bethan Smith, Andrew Emms and Keith Collins for their assistance in running the bar.

100 Club Account: Peter McMeekin then also presented Accounts relating to the 100 Club stating that Profits this year were £1,275. Membership had increased overall but more new members were required.
Receipt of the 100 Club Account was proposed by Marcus Baker, seconded by Peter Tidey and accepted unanimously.

5. To consider and vote on a proposed updated version of the Club Constitution:
This had been widely circulated and published prior to the AGM. Peter Baker explained the reasons why it had been necessary to update it and to include some previously missing items from the current Constitution. Significant changes included the creation of an Executive Committee to manage Club affairs; renaming the Selection Panel to Playing Sub-Committee and expanding its remit and responsibilities; introducing the specific role of Membership Secretary.
After discussion about the number of people involved on the General and Executive Committees and the envisaged structure of the meetings’ calendar, the acceptance of the new version of the Club Constitution was proposed by Neil Haslam, seconded by John Heslam and carried unanimously without amendment.
Peter Baker recorded his thanks to Cilla Robertson, Richard Robertson and Robert Willoughby for their assistance in producing the revised Constitution.

6. To receive and consider and ratify or amend rates of Subscription.
Peter Baker explained that the General Committee had discussed Subscriptions and Match Fees at their latest meeting. The incentive of paying a reduced fee by the 1st May had worked well this year. Consequently, the only change recommended by the Committee was an increase in Adult Players’ subscriptions from £60 to £70. This would attract a £20 reduction if paid prior to the 1st May.
Juniors’ and Colts’ subscriptions and all Match Fees would be the same as in 2015.
The Committee recommendations were:


Full Playing Members £70 (£60 in 2015).
Full Playing Members if payment made by 1st May £50

Junior Playing Members £35 NO CHANGE
(aged 16 and above in full-time education.)
Junior Playing Members if payment made by 1st May £25

Non-Playing Members £20 NO CHANGE

Colts Members £50 NO CHANGE

Match Fees & Teas (Afternoon Matches): NO CHANGE
Adult £10
Junior / Colt £8
(in Open-Age matches, i.e. not Colts’ fixtures.)

Matches Fees on Sundays are reduced by 50% if players have played on both Saturday & Sunday of that weekend: NO CHANGE
(Applicable only when the Full Subscription has been received.)
Adults £5
Junior / Colt £4

Match Fees (Evening fixtures): NO CHANGE
Midweek Adult £2
Midweek Junior / Colt £1
(in Open-Age matches, i.e. not Colts’ fixtures.)

N.B. There are no match fees for Colts playing in Colts’ fixtures.

The recommended Subscriptions and Fees were proposed by John Heslam, seconded by Matt Bowles and accepted unanimously by those eligible members over the age of 18.

Members were encouraged to pay subscriptions early with on-line banking transfer being the preferred method.

Opposition Teas:
Peter Baker mentioned that charges for Opposition Teas for Herts League matches had now been set by the League itself; in 2015 it had been a lowly £40. Reed CC had previously charged £45 on Saturdays and continues to do so for Sunday matches. Our Committee would consider this nearer the beginning of the season but it would be unreasonable for tea providers to be out-of-pocket and would be recompensed accordingly.

7. To elect Officers for the coming year.
Under the Club Constitution there being no alternative nomination received in the requisite time, ANDREW EMMS remained Club President.

Peter Baker said that he had received communication from Roger Fulk who wishes not to be re-elected as a Vice-President because he no longer has any connection to the Club now that his sons have moved-on.

Additionally, no nominations for new Vice-Presidents had been received in the requisite time.


Clive Collins proposed that all Existing Vice-Presidents with the exception of Roger Fulk be re-elected. Seconded by Keith Collins. Carried.

The following comprise the Club General Committee in addition to the Club President:
Club Chairman – John Heslam. Proposed by Graham Smith and Seconded by Jack Tidey.
Honorary Secretary – Peter Baker. Proposed by Tom Greaves and Seconded by Neil Haslam.
Honorary Treasurer – Bethan Smith. Proposed by Jonathan Fynn and Seconded by Rob Willoughby.
Playing Committee Chairman – Paul Watts. Proposed by Tom Greaves and Seconded by Rob Willoughby.
Bar Committee Chairman – Peter McMeekin. Proposed by Stuart Smith and Seconded by Tom Greaves.
Ground Committee Chairman – Richard Robertson. Proposed by Graham Smith and Seconded by William Heslam.
Membership Secretary – Cilla Robertson. Proposed by Peter Baker and Seconded by John Heslam.
Welfare Officer – Cilla Robertson. Proposed by Peter McMeekin and Seconded by Graham Smith.
Fixtures Secretary – Peter Wholley. Proposed by Richard Robertson and Seconded by James Heslam.
Coaches’ Coordinator – Richard Barlow. Proposed by Rob Willoughby and Seconded by Michael Robertson.
Fundraising Officer – James Heslam. Proposed by John Heslam and Seconded by Stuart Smith.
Social Secretary – Matt Bowles. Proposed by Bethan Smith and Seconded by Keith Collins.
Colts Liaison Officer – Ian Osborne. Proposed by Peter Wholley and Seconded by Cilla Robertson.
Under 25 Representative – Mitchell Cooper. Proposed by William Heslam and Seconded by Peter McMeekin.
Club Captain – Tom Greaves. Proposed by James Heslam and Seconded by Michael Robertson.
Second XI Captain – Marcus Martin. Proposed by Sean Tidey and Seconded by Marcus Baker.
Sunday Captain – Marcus Baker. Proposed by Neil Haslam and Seconded by Lloyd Bowman.

The above Captains, Committee members and Officers were elected without need of a vote.

A ballot was then required to determine the four remaining places on the General Committee.
The five candidates were:
Michael Robertson. Proposed by Cilla Robertson and Seconded by Jack Tidey.
Graham Smith. Proposed by John Heslam and Seconded by Tom Greaves.
Jack Tidey. Proposed by William Heslam and Seconded by Mitchell Cooper.
Sean Tidey. Proposed by James Heslam and Seconded by Matt Bowles.
Rob Willoughby. Proposed by Michael Robertson and Seconded by Cilla Robertson.

Graham Smith, Jack Tidey, Sean Tidey and Rob Willoughby were duly elected.

The following were elected as Non-Committee Members without need of a vote:
1st XI Vice-Captain – Jack Tidey. Proposed by Tom Greaves and Seconded by Neil Haslam.
2nd XI Vice-Captain – Phil Frenay. Proposed by Marcus Baker and Seconded by James Heslam.
3rd XI Captain – Michael Robertson. Proposed by Rob Willoughby and Seconded by Jack Tidey.
4th XI Captain – Lloyd Bowman. Proposed by Tom Greaves and Seconded by Marcus Baker.
Mid-Week Captain – Remained vacant.

The following was elected as a Member of the Playing Sub-Committee in addition to its Chairman, Weekend Captains and Vice-Captains without need of a vote:
Matt Bowles. Proposed by Tom Greaves and Seconded by Neil Haslam.
One additional position remained vacant.

The following were elected as Honorary Auditors without need of a vote:
Jonathan Fynn. Proposed by Graham Smith and Seconded by Peter McMeekin.
John Heslam. Proposed by Jack Tidey and Seconded by Tom Greaves.

Because of the structure of the Fixture list on Sundays, the specific position of Sunday 2nd XI Captain remained vacant.

Peter Baker clarified that with the acceptance of the revised Club Constitution, the Executive Committee will comprise the following:
Club Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Club Captain, Bar Sub-Committee Chairman, Ground Sub-Committee Chairman, Welfare Officer, Playing Sub-Committee Chairman and Membership Secretary.

At this stage, various Votes of Thanks were given to the following Club Officials for their particular hard work, successes and contributions:
John Heslam – Club Chairman who had negotiated Ten-Year Agreements with both the Reed Parish Council and the Freman College Management to safeguard our use of their respective grounds;
Richard Robertson – Ground Committee Chairman for his continued hard work and time on both grounds;
Colts’ Managers and Coaches – for their time and commitment in organising cricket for young players;
James Heslam – Who has announced his retirement as First XI Captain after an historic and immeasurably successful 8-year tenure as the playing figurehead of the Club.

8. Any Other Business.
• Andrew Emms was pleased to report that with money raised at this year’s President’s Day, the Coaches’ Match successfully organised by Richard Barlow, plus various other donations and significant contributions over the past year, he now had a total in the region of £3500. This is adequately enough for the charity, Cardiac Risk in the Young, (CRY), to run a screening day aimed at young people between the ages of 14 and 35. Andrew wished to record his thanks to all contributors, After a proposal by Peter McMeekin, a Vote of Thanks was given to Andrew for his hard work and commitment in organising the events and achieving his target.
• Andrew reminded us that Father Christmas is scheduled to call at the Clubhouse on Sunday 20th December. Andrew would appreciate it if members could please inform him how many youngsters were expected.
• John Heslam appreciated the general successes of the Club this year but urged caution that the future depended on our Colts’ structure. He described this as being in a parlous state; overall this past season there were only 31 Colts registered. Citing the rise of Tom Greaves as a pre-teen, non-playing villager, to Club Captain, within 10 years, as an example of what could be achieved, John said that we needed to encourage more young players, to advertise our excellent facilities and coaching set-up to parents and supporters to help ensure our existence at the standards we have enjoyed in recent seasons.
• Peter McMeekin was invited to explain for the benefit of the non-Committee members present the background to the Fire Risk Inspection that took place during the summer. John Heslam commented that there is more and more bureaucracy being enforced by many organisations and that they couch threats if Clubs fail to “tick the boxes” and take action. Nevertheless, Peter had put-in a lot of work preparing the various required documentation and the Club had been issued with the necessary Certificates and Licences.
The Meeting closed at 2122hrs.

Minutes compiled by:-

Peter G. Baker,
Honorary Secretary,
Reed Cricket Club.
19th November 2015.

Signed as a true and accurate record: …………………….. Date: ……………
(Club President)