Life Membership for Roger Bowcock

Roger Bowcock was made a Life Member of Reed Cricket Club during the Sixtieth Annual General Meeting last Thursday. Roger joined Reed CC in 1973 and in his 43-year association has worked tirelessly and mostly unnoticed on a variety of projects at the Club. His engineering knowledge has been tapped frequently, and he continues to carry-out many of the manual labouring jobs that need doing. Roger was the king of the late cut back in his playing days which ceased about 15 years ago. He is a familiar figure at Reed and a great supporter of the Club strolling around the boundary on match days. Roger is an astute watcher and the official selectors might be wise to listen to his considered opinions. His is normally the first-shout at the Bar and he is a popular drinking partner. Reed CC has a very select band of Life Members and I am very happy to report that Roger has now joined Howard Marshall, Clive Collins, Rosemary Collins and Keith Collins in that small group. Peter G. Baker. Honorary Secretary, Reed CC November 2016.

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Club Officials elected at the 2016 AGM

The following comprise the Club General Committee: Club President - Andrew Emms Club Chairman – Stuart Smith. Honorary Secretary – Peter Baker. Honorary Treasurer – Bethan Smith. Playing Committee Chairman – Matt Bowles. Bar Committee Chairman – Peter McMeekin. Ground Committee Chairman – Richard Robertson. Membership Secretary – Cilla Robertson. Welfare Officer – Cilla Robertson. Fixtures Secretary – Peter Wholley. Coaches’ Coordinator – Richard Barlow. Fundraising Officer – James Heslam. Social Secretary - Vacant. Colts Liaison Officer – Cilla Robertson. Under 25 Representative – William Heslam. Club Captain – Tom Greaves. Second XI Captain – Phil Frenay. Sunday Captain – Marcus Baker. Without Portfolio - Sean Tidey. Without Portfolio - Peter Tidey. Without Portfolio - 2 Vacancies. The following comprise the Club Executive Committee: Club Chairman – Stuart Smith. Honorary Secretary – Peter Baker. Honorary Treasurer – Bethan Smith. Playing Committee Chairman – Matt Bowles. Bar Committee Chairman – Peter McMeekin. Ground Committee Chairman & SHPCL Representative – Richard Robertson. Membership Secretary & Welfare Officer – Cilla Robertson. Club Captain – Tom Greaves. N.B. Club President Andrew Emms is an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee. The following were elected as Non-Committee Members: 1st XI Vice-Captain – Jack Tidey. 2nd XI Vice-Captain – Karl Ward. 3rd XI Captain – Marcus Baker. 4th XI Captain – Lloyd Bowman. Mid-Week Captain – Vacant. Because of the structure of the Fixture list on Sundays, the specific position of Sunday 2nd XI Captain remained vacant. The following comprise the Playing Sub-Committee (Team Selection and Club Awards): Playing Committee Chairman – Matt Bowles. Club Captain – Tom Greaves. Second XI Captain – Phil Frenay. 1st XI Vice-Captain – Jack Tidey. 2nd XI Vice-Captain – Karl Ward. 3rd XI Captain and [...]

Club Constitution (2016)

CONSTITUTION OF REED CRICKET CLUB. GENERAL: 1. The name of the Club is Reed Cricket Club. 2. The objectives of the Club are the provision of opportunities for recreation and socialising for the benefit of members, and the provision and maintenance of a Clubhouse at the Reed Village Green, Reed, Near Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 8AX. 3. Club colours are royal blue and gold. AFFILIATION: 4. The Club shall be affiliated to, and play under the rules of, the ECB, SHPCL and HCCA. MEMBERSHIP: 5. Every candidate for membership shall apply in writing to the Honorary Secretary who will notify the Executive Committee. Until the candidate is elected as a Member he / she shall not be entitled to any of the privileges of the Club. Applicants shall be elected by the Executive Committee at its sole discretion at the earliest opportunity or shall be elected at a General Meeting of the Club. 6. The membership categories of the Club shall be: a. President; b. Honorary Life Member; c. Vice-President; d. Non-playing / Family Member; e. Playing Member (Senior); f. Playing Member (Junior and Colt). SUBSCRIPTIONS; 7. Every Member shall pay on being admitted to the Club an Annual Subscription that shall be fixed from time to time by the Club’s Annual General Meeting. The Annual Subscription will cover a calendar year, that being the period of 1st January to 31st December (inclusive) in any year. The Committee may, at their discretion, reduce subscriptions to individual members in recognition of services rendered to the club. Such subscription shall be deemed to be a debt due to the Honorary Treasurer of the Club for the time being. 8. No money or property of the Club or any [...]

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Going, Going, Going Gone!!!”

“Once upon a time …..” there was a FUN game called Cricket. It was exported around the world to whichever continents the dastardly British chose to land on and exploit! It was simple and easy to play with basic equipment – a cudgel (or bat) a rolling object (or ball) and some sticks as a target to try and defend. It was a simple game, great fun, and hugely enjoyed by all who chose to play it. I started playing Cricket, taught by my Dad, at around the age of 5, on a coconut matting wicket, based on a concrete slab, surrounded by a dusty grassless outfield within a British RAF base on the island of Cyprus. By 11 I was back in England, now at a boarding school and I started playing competitive Cricket matches for the school age group teams. Free time in summer evenings and weekends could be spent utilising the college’s nets practice areas, and every school break-time there was an old bat and tennis balls, and playground cricket to be enjoyed by anyone (usually 30 or 40!) who joined the throng! One hand one bounce is out, wicket-taker takes over as batsman, etc etc – great fun!! I was never a top grade batsman, and barely a bowler, but I could catch well and I loved my Cricket. By 16 I was playing for the School 2nd Xl on Saturdays and occasionally on Sundays for local area men’s Cricket teams that were “short”. Our resident school Cricket Master frequently got calls from some local adult sides – “have you got any reasonable lads who will help us make up our Sunday Xl”? I often helped out and that was great [...]

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Officials Courses 2016-2017

Delivered by Hertfordshire Association of Cricket Officials Whilst cricket is uppermost in our minds, the Hertfordshire Association of Cricket Officials (HACO) have announced the winter programme of Umpires and Scorers courses. The Hertfordshire Cricket Network recognises that Officiating is such a fundamental & important part of our game at whatever version or level of the cricket is being participated in and prides itself in the support and opportunities, provided through HACO, that are on offer for the current officials and also those who are looking to make the move into the field. As well as supporting individuals with their own aspirations of progressing through to officiating, we recognise the requirements of our leagues regarding match officials. We are sure you will agree that the greater number of qualified and competent officials we have, the more enjoyable cricket will become. Further information regarding Hertfordshire Association of Cricket Officials, please check out the website ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Umpires Finished playing the game? Still want to stay involved? Then why not take up umpiring and still see all the action in the middle! The Herts Association of Cricket Officials run courses throughout the close season to ensure we have a constant flow of new and up skilled umpires to support the game. Once qualified, become a panel umpire, and stand in Saracens Hertfordshire Premier Cricket League matches or just support your local cricket club by umpiring on a weekend. Umpire Introductory Course This is a new, short, standalone course aimed at any cricket enthusiast who is interested in umpiring. It is a 4 hour course spread over 2 evenings. It is soon expected to become a minimum preferred requirement for umpires in the Saracens Hertfordshire Premier Cricket League divisions [...]

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Agenda for the Sixtieth Annual General Meeting of Reed CC, Thursday 24th November 2016

Agenda for The Sixtieth Annual General Meeting of Reed Cricket Club to be held in the Clubhouse on Thursday 24th November 2016 starting at 2000hrs. 1. Minutes. Approval and signing of minutes of the RCC AGM held on 19th November 2015. 2. Matters arising. 3. To receive the Honorary Secretary’s Report. 4. To receive the Annual Accounts. 5. To consider amendments to the Club Constitution. Only members over the age of 16 may vote. A majority of two-thirds of members present at the meeting. Proposals for Rule changes must be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least 14 days prior to the relevant Meeting date. 6. To consider and ratify or amend rates of Subscription & Match Fees – see Appendix C. Only members over the age of 16 may vote. 7. To elect Officers and Auditors for the coming year – see Appendix C. Rules, (all those voting must be fully paid-up members of the Club). Playing members over the age of 16 may vote on the election of all the officers. Playing members under 16 may not vote. Non-Playing members may not vote on the election of Captains, Vice-Captains, and Playing Sub-Committee. No alternative nominations for the position of President have been received within the time allowed. Andrew Emms remains as President. 8. To confer Life Membership. 9. Any other business. Any other issues raised during the General Meeting will be considered by the new Executive and / or General Committee(s) as appropriate at the earliest opportunity. Club Officers’ and Team Captains’ reports have been posted on the Club website and some hard-copies will be available in the pavilion at the AGM. Hard-copies of the various Club Accounts will be available [...]

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