Richard Robertson represented Reed CC at the League’s AGM on 26th February. Three proposals had been circulated earlier in the year and RCC Players had been invited to respond to a short survey. Resulting from that, Reed voted NO to all three proposals. Here are the results voted on by the Clubs at the League AGM last night:-

1. Should Bonus points be awarded to Teams providing a competent, non-playing Scorer in all matches in Divisions 3A to 6B? NOT CARRIED.

2. Should all matches in Divisions 7A to 10B be reduced from 100 to 90 overs? NOT CARRIED.

3. Should all matches in every division below the Championship be limited overs only (i.e., no more “timed matches” in the future)? CARRIED. Consequently, there will be no more Drawn games. From Division 1 to 10B (inclusive) these will be 50/50 matches. (The Regional Divisions already play only 40/40 limited overs matches anyway.)

These were important issues so thank you to RCC players who replied to the survey.

Additional information from the AGM is that the New Laws of Cricket will apply this season. The Laws were amended in October 2017. To read The Laws of Cricket, go to then choose MCC.

Clubs participating in the Premier and Championship Divisions are administered by their own Sub-Committee. Changes accepted for 2018 are:-
1. Play offs. The reserve day will be the following Saturday (not the next day). If there is still no result, a bowl out will take place. If still no result, then there will be a coin toss.
2. The same applies for promotion and relegation play-off matches.
3. Bowling restrictions. Bowlers are restricted to one-third of the total overs in the innings, (rounded down).
4. Changes to points. 30 points for a win in “timed games” and to 25 points in 50/50 limited overs matches. There will also be changes to the bonus points.
5. Coloured clothing. It will be mandatory for players to wear coloured kit in limited overs matches.
6. Duckworth-Lewis-Stern calculations must be done on computer.