Headlines; Week Ending 22nd April

SATURDAY: The first "Social" event went off successfully with the Darts and Pool Tournaments held in the Clubhouse. Tom Greaves won the Darts final by beating Richard Wharton and brother George Greaves lost to Graham Stuart in the Pool Final. Well played everyone! SUNDAY: The first cricket match of the 2018 season was over at Preston. Tom Greaves won the toss, elected to bat first and Reed made it to 166 for 8 in their 40 overs. Rich Wharton, 30, James Heslam, 38, and Sean Tidey, 34, were the main contributors. Despite being 8 wickets down with 40-odd to win at one stage, Preston reached the target with 1 wicket in-hand. There were 3 wickets apiece for Ed Wharton and Tom Greaves. PGB

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Reed Cricket Club Policy Documents and Codes of Conduct (April 2019)

Reed Cricket Club Policy Documents and Codes of Conduct (Updated to April 2019). ================================================================ General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) This Privacy Notice sets out how Reed Cricket Club aims to repay the trust you have shown by sharing your personal data within the club. The Privacy Notice in brief It’s important that you read the full Privacy Notice to understand what information we hold, how we may use it, and what your rights are – but if you don’t have time to read it all now, here is a short summary: • We collect information that is either personal data (such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses) • We collect information about our registered club members • We collect information to provide services or goods, to provide information, to fundraise, for administration. • We only collect the information that we need, or that would be useful to us in our aim to provide the best possible service. • We do our very best to keep personal information secure, wherever we collect personal data online. • We never sell your data, and we will never share it with another company for marketing purposes. • We only share data where we are required by law, Reed Cricket Club Privacy Notice Reed C.C. promises to respect the personal information you provide to us. We wouldn’t want to use it in a way that you won’t expect, so our Privacy Notice explains how we protect your privacy and how you can control how we use your personal information. If you want to change the way in which we use your data or if you have a question about how your personal information is used, please contact us using [...]

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Laws of Cricket – Changes

Changes to the Laws took effect from October 2017. Some Laws have been changed, some deleted and some added although there are still 42 of them. The best place to familiarise yourselves with these are at www.lords.org Click on the MCC section and open the Laws. There are many animations and filmed examples of the Laws and how to interpret them. All players, especially Team Captains, ought to have knowledge and awareness of the updated Laws thus avoiding those sometimes confrontational, sometimes embarrassing moments during matches. The significant changes are: The new Code of Laws is written in language applying to all persons, regardless of gender. The new Code includes an increased use of generic nouns like ‘fielder’ and ‘bowler’ and uses ‘he/she’ when required, together with a broadened disclaimer covering all genders. The term ‘batsman’ remains, however. The Handled the ball Law has been deleted, with its contents merged into Obstructing the field, reducing the list of dismissals from ten to nine. This will have no effect on whether a batsman is dismissed; rather, it is just the method of dismissal that might be changed. The Lost ball Law has been deleted and is now covered under Dead ball. The old Law 2 has been divided into two separate Laws, relating to the batsmen (Law 25) and the fielders (Law 24). These Laws have changed the concept of Penalty time, which starts to accrue immediately when a player leaves the field and which will also now affect when the player may bat. Law 5 (The Bat) places limits on the thickness of the edges and the overall depth of the bat. The maximum dimensions will be 108mm in width (unchanged), 67mm in-depth with 40mm [...]

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Howard Marshall Pavilion, Sunday 6th May 2018

As we approach the beginning of another cricket season, a date for you to note is Sunday 6th May. That is when Reed Cricket Club officially names its Clubhouse the Howard Marshall Pavilion. During the afternoon, a Reed XI will play a match versus a Howard Marshall XI starting at 1400hrs followed by a short naming ceremony at approximately 1830hrs. There will be a Hog Roast afterwards. We would like to see as many past & present members, their families and friends as possible during the day. Please keep the date free. We passed the 40th anniversary of the original opening of the Clubhouse last year. Although in use prior to the official opening, Reed played an Invitational XI made up of cricketers from cricket clubs in the Royston and surrounding district. The match was played on the 5th June 1977 and the "cutting of the ribbon" ceremony was performed by Mrs Joy Reffell. She was the wife of Norman Reffell, a prominent member of the Club. The photographs show the combined teams and along with the history of the construction of the Clubhouse these are displayed inside the lounge area. Images of the relevant pages form the scorebook are also attached. I appreciate they may be faded because they are written in pencil but here is a brief summary. It was an All-Day match. Fred Flack (9) and David Ford (6) opened the batting. John Raven top-scored with 33 and Peter King made 11. Neville Bird at number 5 scored 12 followed by useful contributions of 26 by Steve Dunn and 24 by Clive Collins. Number 8 was Peter Lawrence who was out for 4 then Howard Marshall hit 3 boundaries in his 19. [...]

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