Minutes of the Sixty-second Annual General Meeting of Reed Cricket Club held in the Pavilion on 29th November 2018 starting at 2000hrs.

Andrew Emms, (Club President), Chairman of AGM, Peter Baker, (Minute Taker), Chris Baker, Marcus Baker, Richard Barlow, Roger Bowcock, Matt Bowles, Jaime Boyd, Clive Collins, Keith Collins, Jonathan Fynn, Toby Fynn, Edward Garrott, Paul Garrott, Matt Giblin, Sam Greaves, Tom Greaves, Chris Jackson, Richard Johnson, Neil Haslam, James Heslam, Rob Lankester, Peter Lawrence, Bill Mansfield, Marcus Martin, Rupert Martin, Kieran McKinna, Peter McMeekin, Chloe Robertson, Cilla Robertson, Michael Robertson Richard Robertson, Bethan Smith, Graham Smith, Stuart Smith, Jack Tidey, Peter Tidey, Sean Tidey, Tim Tidey, Karl Ward, Ed Wharton, Peter Wholley, Rob Willoughby.

Apologies for absence:
Lloyd Bowman, Mitchell Cooper, Steve Dunn, Dennis Easley, Phil Frenay, Richard Haydon, Hannah Heslam, Rhodri Hughes, Ian Roberts, Matt Sampson, Paul Watts, Richard Wharton, Kieren Willoughby.

1. To confirm the present incumbent, Andrew Emms, as President and Chairman of the AGM.
According to the Club Constitution there being no alternative nomination received in the requisite time, ANDREW
EMMS remained Club President.

2. To approve the Minutes of the AGM held on 23rd November 2017.
Minutes had been previously circulated and published on the RCC Website.
Approval was proposed by Cilla Robertson, seconded by Tom Greaves, unanimously agreed and signed by the

3. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the previous AGM on 23rd November 2017.
Peter Baker confirmed that the matters regarding the non-election of Captains, Vice-Captains and Playing Sub-Committee Members at the 2017 AGM had been carried forward to the General Committee who had subsequently officially co-opted the existing post holders and filled any vacancies. This situation had been caused by there being insufficient playing members in attendance at that 2017 AGM to follow the election procedure properly.
Andrew Emms commented that attendance at this 2018 AGM was very good in comparison and thanked members for coming.

4. To receive the Honorary Secretary’s Report.
Peter Baker’s Report had been previously circulated and published on the RCC Website.
Receipt of the Hon. Secretary’s Report was proposed by Neil Haslam, seconded by James Heslam and accepted unanimously.

5. To receive the Annual Accounts.
Annual Account: The Honorary Treasurer, Bethan Smith, presented financial data to the year ending 30th September 2018. These had been circulated prior to the AGM.

The Annual Accounts had been audited by Jonathan Fynn and found to be in order.

The Closing Balance at 30/9/18 was £11,020.24p which looked very much lower than the £15,649.45p balance at the end of the previous Financial Year. It was pointed-out however that because Richard Robertson purchases topsoil for both Therfield & Kelshall and Buntingford CCs each autumn, their repayments do not necessarily coincide with the period of the Financial Year. Effectively, around £2k less should have been shown in the 2016/7 balance whereas approximately £2k more should have been in the 2017/8 accounts, meaning in both years, the balance would be in the region of £13,500. The “loss” therefore was not as dramatic as it initially appeared.

In reply to a query from Neil Haslam about Grants, it was explained that Reed CC had been awarded funds from the ECB’s Small Grant Scheme. That funding was for a specific purpose and this year that had been for the installation of new windows at the front of the pavilion and for new external doors in each changing-room.

Receipt of the Annual Accounts was proposed by Richard Barlow, seconded by Richard Johnson and accepted unanimously.

Bar Account: Bar Committee Chairman, Peter McMeekin, presented Accounts relating to the Bar for the year ending 30th September 2018. He highlighted significant events in his Report that had been circulated earlier. Having no Village Cup income this season countered many of the successful social activities that we did benefit from. However, the Bar’s income had been maintained to a satisfactory level mainly because attendance at the various functions was up. Profit for the period was £7,643.64p and the Balance carried forward was £2,342.83p.

Andrew Emms thanked Peter for continuing to being so committed in his role thus achieving a healthy balance and presenting a comprehensive report.

Receipt of the Bar Account was proposed by Keith Collins, seconded by Tom Greaves and accepted unanimously.

100 Club Account: Peter McMeekin then also presented Accounts relating to the 100 Club that he had audited stating that Profits this year were £1,240, which is slightly down because of members withdrawing during the year. Nevertheless, this is a constant cash generator, but it could be much better. Stuart Smith commented that only 12 cricketers participate out of a total of 48 and he wished to increase numbers. To that end, he handed out Standing Order forms to encouraging members to join.

Receipt of the 100 Club Account was proposed by Marcus Baker, seconded by Rob Willoughby and accepted unanimously.

6. To consider and vote on proposed Rule Changes in the Club Constitution:
Proposals to three Rules had been widely circulated and published prior to the AGM. Peter Baker explained the proposed changes.
A. To clarify that members of the Bar Sub-Committee must first be elected Members of the Club’s General Committee, the words “or elected at the AGM” should be deleted from Rule 29. The addition of the word “General” preceding “Committee” when referring to the Club’s main committee and inserting non-gender specific references was also recommended.

B. To make it clear in Rule 37 that members of the Ground Sub-Committee do not have to be elected Members of General Committee, the words “or elected at the Annual General Meeting” should be deleted.

In each of the above cases, the members of those two Sub-Committees are appointed by the General Committee whilst the Chairmen of both are elected at the AGM.

Peter Baker explained the third proposed Rule change.
C. To create the General Committee role of Hertfordshire Cricket League Representative which Richard Robertson had been doing for more than 25 years in addition to all his other tasks. The SHPCL Rep is the main point of contact between the Club and the League’s Management Committee and is expected to attend meetings as and when they are called. Creating this specific role on RCC’s General Committee would allow Richard to concentrate on his primary role of Ground Manager. If this proposal is accepted, Rule 12 would need to be changed to incorporate the title “SHPCL Representative” as an elected official on the General Committee.

The change to Rule 29 was proposed by Neil Haslam, seconded by Peter McMeekin and accepted unanimously without amendment. It now reads:
Rule 29. The purchase for the club and the supply by the club of intoxicating liquor shall be in the absolute discretion of a Sub-Committee of not less than three members being Members of the General Committee appointed by the General Committee for that purpose. In the event of any Member for any reason ceasing to be a Member of the General Committee, he / she shall automatically cease to be a Member of the Sub-Committee and another Member of the General Committee shall be appointed in his / her place. Such Sub-Committee shall in no way be restricted in freedom of purchase.

The change to Rule 37 was proposed by Tom Greaves, seconded by Bethan Smith and accepted unanimously without amendment. It now reads:
Rule 37. The upkeep and maintenance of Reed Green shall be the responsibility of a Sub-Committee of not less than three members of the Club, appointed by the General Committee for that purpose.

The change to Rule 12 was proposed by Richard Robertson, seconded by Peter Wholley and accepted unanimously without amendment. It now reads:

7. To consider and ratify or amend rates of Subscription and Match Fees.
Peter Baker explained that the General Committee had discussed Subscriptions and Match Fees at their latest meeting. It had been thought necessary for a small increase in the Adult Player category but not for the Junior Players as we do not wish to discourage young players from joining or playing if the cost of subscriptions and fees was the reason preventing them. With regard to the Adult Players’ subscriptions, recommending this small increase would avoid putting-up Match Fees which have remained the same for several years, mainly for practicable reasons. Changes to Subscription charges for Non-Playing Members’ and for Colts’ was considered unnecessary.

Consequently, the Committee recommended the following for 2019:


Full Playing Members £90

Full Playing Members – if payment made by 1st May £75

Junior Playing Members £35 NO CHANGE
(aged 16 and above in full-time education.)

Junior Playing Members – if payment made by 1st May £25 NO CHANGE

Non-Playing Members £25 NO CHANGE

Colts Members £50 NO CHANGE

Match Fees & Teas (Afternoon Matches): NO CHANGE
Adult £10
Junior / Colt £8
(in Open-Age matches, i.e., not Colts’ fixtures.)

Matches Fees on Sundays are reduced by 50% if players have played on both Saturday & Sunday of that weekend NO CHANGE (Applicable only when the Full Subscription has been received.)
Adults £5
Junior / Colt £4

Match Fees (Evening fixtures): NO CHANGE
Midweek Adult £2
Midweek Junior / Colt £1
(in Open-Age matches, i.e., not Colts’ fixtures.)

N.B. There are no match fees for Colts playing in Colts’ fixtures.

Michael Robertson, seconded by James Heslam, proposed acceptance of the Committee’s recommendations and these were accepted unanimously.

Members were encouraged to pay subscriptions early with on-line banking transfer being the preferred method.

8. To elect Officers for the coming year.
Peter Baker gave a reminder that only fully paid-up members of the age of 16 or over are eligible to vote and that
Non-Playing Members are not allowed to vote for Team Captains, Vice-Captains or for Members of the Playing
He announced that no nominations for new Vice-Presidents had been received in the requisite time.
Michael Robertson proposed that all existing Vice-Presidents be re-elected. Seconded by Marcus Baker. Carried.


In addition to the Club President, the following comprise the Club General Committee:

Club Chairman – Stuart Smith. Proposed by Neil Haslam and Seconded by Richard Barlow.
Honorary Secretary – Peter Baker. Proposed by Bethan Smith and Seconded by Stuart Smith.
Honorary Treasurer – Bethan Smith. Proposed by Peter Baker and Seconded by Tom Greaves.
Playing Committee Chairman – Matt Bowles. Proposed by Michael Robertson and Seconded by Marcus Martin.
Bar Committee Chairman – Peter McMeekin. Proposed by Stuart Smith and Seconded by Michael Robertson.
Ground Committee Chairman – Richard Robertson. Proposed by Peter Baker and Seconded by Peter Wholley.
Membership Secretary – Cilla Robertson. Proposed by Tom Greaves and Seconded by Stuart Smith.
Welfare Officer – Chloe Robertson. Proposed by Cilla Robertson and Seconded by Bethan Smith.
Fixtures Secretary – Peter Wholley. Proposed by Richard Robertson and Seconded by Marcus Baker.
Coaches’ Coordinator – Richard Barlow. Proposed by Tim Tidey and Seconded by Michael Robertson.
Fundraising Officer – James Heslam. Proposed by Stuart Smith and Seconded by Tom Greaves.
Social Secretary – Sam Greaves. Proposed by Peter McMeekin and Seconded by Michael Robertson.
Colts Liaison Officer – Hannah Heslam. Proposed by Cilla Robertson and Seconded by Bethan Smith.
Under 25 Representative – Sean Tidey. Proposed by Karl Ward and Seconded by Matt Bowles.
Club Captain – Tom Greaves. Proposed by Marcus Martin and Seconded by Paul Garrott.
Sunday Captain – Rob Lankester. Proposed by Bill Mansfield and Seconded by Jack Tidey.
Facility Manager – Bill Mansfield. Proposed by Peter Baker and Seconded by Richard Robertson.
SHPCL Representative – Michael Robertson. Proposed by Matt Bowles and Seconded by Rob Willoughby.
General Committee Members –
Paul Garrott. Proposed by Peter Baker and Seconded by Neil Haslam.
Matt Giblin. Proposed by Michael Robertson and Seconded by Jack Tidey.
Richard Johnson. Proposed by Michael Robertson and Seconded by Jack Tidey.

The above Captains, Committee Members and Officers were elected without need of a Vote.

A ballot was required for the position of Second XI Captain.
Nominee: Karl Ward. Proposed by Tim Tidey and Seconded by Matt Bowles.
Nominee: Ed Garrott. Proposed by Richard Johnson and Seconded by Marcus Baker.

Ed Garrott was duly elected after a vote.

The following are Non-Committee roles:
1st XI Vice-Captain – Rob Lankester. Proposed by Tom Greaves and Seconded by Ed Garrott.
2nd XI Vice-Captain – Karl Ward. Proposed by Jack Tidey and Seconded by Michael Robertson.
3rd XI Captain – There were no nominations and the position remained vacant. At Peter Baker’s urging, this would be referred to the General Committee to co-opt suitable candidate(s).

N.B. 4th XI Captain – Because of the withdrawal from the SHPCL, no Fixtures have been made and the position remained vacant.
Mid-Week Captain – Because there are no planned Fixtures, this position remained vacant.
Sunday 2nd XI Captain – Because of the structure of the Fixture list on Sundays, this specific position remained vacant.

Members of the Playing Sub-Committee, (in addition to its Chairman, Weekend Captains and Vice-Captains):
Paul Garrott. Proposed by Tom Greaves and Seconded by Peter Baker.
Stuart Smith. Proposed by Tom Greaves and Seconded by Peter Baker.

Both were elected without need of a Vote.

The following were elected as Honorary Auditors without need of a Vote:
Jonathan Fynn. Proposed by Peter Baker and Seconded by Jack Tidey.
Scott Rouse. Proposed by Bethan Smith and Seconded by Michael Robertson.

Trustees: For the record, Peter Baker had confirmed with Steve Dunn, Peter Lawrence, Richard Robertson and Stuart Smith that they are all willing to continue as Trustees. They are invited by the General Committee to carry-out duties should the Club have to be wound-up and are therefore are not in elected positions.

During the election process, Votes of Thanks were proposed and unanimously given by all members present to the following Club Officials for their particular hard work, successes and contributions:

Cilla Robertson – For willingly volunteering for the triple roles of Welfare Officer, Colts Liaison Officer and Membership Secretary for many years. Proposed by Peter McMeekin, Seconded by Andrew Emms.

Peter McMeekin – Who fulfils the serious role as Bar Committee Chairman by spending many hours making stock profitability comparisons throughout the year and maintaining an excellent sales record. Proposed by Andrew Emms, Seconded by Stuart Smith.

Sam Greaves – In her first year as Social Secretary by organising a series of successful events that have attracted more participants thus generating more income at the Bar. Proposed by Peter McMeekin, Seconded by Peter Baker.

Paul Garrott & Marcus Baker – Organising and administrating the Third XI during a difficult season when the consequences of poor player availability throughout the Club effected team performance. Proposed by Stuart Smith, Seconded by Michael Robertson.

9. To confer Life Membership.
At its latest Meeting, the Club’s Executive Committee had considered a proposal from Bethan Smith, seconded by Tom Greaves, to confer Life Membership of the Club on Andrew Emms.
Andrew has been a loyal stalwart of the Club since joining in the mid-seventies and has served on the Committee in a variety of roles including many years as Chairman and has been President since 2012.
The Committee had been happy to recommend this proposal to the Members at the AGM and Andrew was duly congratulated on his achievement.

10. Any Other Business.
– Because Richard Robertson was unable to attend the Presentation Dinner, Peter Baker wished us to acknowledge him for his continuing contribution as Groundsman and amazing hard work for which he is poorly rewarded. The Club recognise him with an Honorarium every year but in reality the monetary value is nowhere near his true worth. Those present enthusiastically thanked Richard.

– Coincidently, Cilla Robertson had also been absent from the Presentation Dinner. Andrew Emms further emphasised what a major contribution Cilla had made to RCC for decades. Without her vast knowledge on Welfare issues and her painstaking and time-consuming submissions for such administrative procedures as Clubmark, for example, we likely would not have been able to operate as a Club as smoothly as we have done. On behalf of the Club Andrew thanked Cilla then presented her with a Gift Token to a local Garden Centre. Cilla was warmly congratulated by all members.

– Richard Robertson brought attention to the rather striking tribute to Howard Marshall that the Club was presented with last week. Some two dozen members and friends had been in attendance when Justin Marshall, accompanied by Howard’s friends and former colleagues, had handed over a cast iron replica of a pair of wicket-keeping gloves. These were very heavy and Richard described his idea for displaying them in the Howard Marshall Pavilion. Justin had also given the Club a photograph album for the Club’s safekeeping that will also be displayed.

– Andrew informed us that Father Christmas was scheduled to fly into Reed for a jolly time on Sunday 23rd December this year. Could names of children be sent to Andrew beforehand.

– Stuart Smith urged players to attend Indoor Nets this coming winter. They are booked for Sunday afternoons at Burloes in February / March. He suggested that we might have lost potential new players last winter by not running scheduled practice sessions in the close season. We all should try to recruit new players of all standards so that we do not encounter the problems we had this past year.

– Stuart thanked everyone for attending the AGM this year. After last year’s disappointing turn-out (19 members), it appeared that tonight’s attendance was more than double and it was an important meeting where members are able to decide on the future direction of the Club.

The Meeting closed at 2109hrs.

Minutes compiled by:-

Peter G. Baker,
Honorary Secretary,
Reed Cricket Club.
29th November 2018.