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Support Richard Wharton at the T20 Pro:AM

We are pleased to announce that Richard Wharton has been selected to play in the Greene King T20 Pro:AM this Sunday, 12th August. He is playing in the Barmy Army side whose semi final starts at 11am at Northamptonshire County Cricket Ground. Richard would love fellow members to come along and support him and the team. Asked about the event Richard said, "I am obviously very proud to be representing the club in such a big tournament which has got current professionals and legends playing in it. It’ll be fantastic to play at a wonderful ground and hopefully in front of a large crowd! It’ll be like Lords 2017 all over again! I have done a lot of training, fitness and cricket, and had talks about phycology and nutrition!" You can follow Rich on Twitter at @RichW15 Tickets can be purchased here. More information about the event is available here. Follow the event on Twitter at @T20ProAm

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Going, Going, Going Gone!!!”

“Once upon a time …..” there was a FUN game called Cricket. It was exported around the world to whichever continents the dastardly British chose to land on and exploit! It was simple and easy to play with basic equipment – a cudgel (or bat) a rolling object (or ball) and some sticks as a target to try and defend. It was a simple game, great fun, and hugely enjoyed by all who chose to play it. I started playing Cricket, taught by my Dad, at around the age of 5, on a coconut matting wicket, based on a concrete slab, surrounded by a dusty grassless outfield within a British RAF base on the island of Cyprus. By 11 I was back in England, now at a boarding school and I started playing competitive Cricket matches for the school age group teams. Free time in summer evenings and weekends could be spent utilising the college’s nets practice areas, and every school break-time there was an old bat and tennis balls, and playground cricket to be enjoyed by anyone (usually 30 or 40!) who joined the throng! One hand one bounce is out, wicket-taker takes over as batsman, etc etc – great fun!! I was never a top grade batsman, and barely a bowler, but I could catch well and I loved my Cricket. By 16 I was playing for the School 2nd Xl on Saturdays and occasionally on Sundays for local area men’s Cricket teams that were “short”. Our resident school Cricket Master frequently got calls from some local adult sides – “have you got any reasonable lads who will help us make up our Sunday Xl”? I often helped out and that was great [...]

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Sunday Cricket – Dying in front of our eyes!! Are League Cricket formats and “attitudes” to blame?”

The governing bodies of most sports are wringing their hands and worrying about participation levels falling. Cricket is no exception, and whilst the major Cricket Leagues and the ECB fret mainly about the state of Saturday League Cricket, the state of Sunday Cricket is far, far, worse!! In our local area of North Herts and South Cambridgeshire we all know that on most Sundays you will struggle to find a Cricket Match being played on the majority of the grounds where Saturday League Cricket is still regularly played. At Reed we are one of the exceptions in that a match is played by at least one Reed Xl every Sunday. In addition to the regular players, there is also a hard core of spectators and families that come up to the ground each Sunday for a bite of tea, a picnic, or an early evening aperitif from the Club Bar! An appearance from the sun always helps to swell the crowd – but so far the sun has been absent for most of summer 2016!! Even the National Village Cricket Cup, with the tantalising prospect of playing in the Final at Lords Cricket Ground, does not seem capable of motivating many village clubs to play on even a few Sundays of the early/mid summer! Some of the NVC Cup entry figures for counties that consider themselves “strong” Cricket playing Counties ought to be an embarrassment to their County Cricket Associations! Look at these local “Two Counties NVC Group”  Club participation numbers! Cambridgeshire and Norfolk (5 Teams!):           Cambs 3 !!!                Norfolk 2 !!! Essex and Suffolk (14 Teams!):                            Essex 12                   Suffolk 2 !!! Herts & Beds. (11 Teams!):                                    Herts   9                   Bedfordshire 2 !!! [...]

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Baz’s Prudential Ride London 100 ride

Appeal for sponsorship by "Baz" Curtis. On July 31st I will be cycling in the Prudential Ride London 100 in aid of Anthony Nolan. As you may or may not know, my Dad was diagnosed with Leukemia back in 1975 and lost his battle in 1977. Since then, Anthony Nolan has always been our family's charity of choice and this year the London 100 is the challenge. My Dad never got to see me play cricket, run the marathon or get married. I would appreciate it if you would sponsor me. Anything you can give will be much appreciated. I will certainly be thinking of my Dad as I cycle up Leith Hill and get closer to him :), 100 miles is going to be quite the challenge! Please click this link and it will take you to my Just Giving page. Many thanks, Baz

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Results: 50% Remain 50% Leave (the National Village Cup)

Reed remained in the National Village Cup after overhauling Findon's 142 with 3 wickets in hand. Findon (West Sussex) now leave the competition as do Frensham (Surrey) and Foxton (Cambs & Norfolk). Frensham (102) lost to Sibton Park from Kent (103 for 3) by 7 wickets. In a close encounter at Mayfield (East Sussex), there was a 50.5% to 49.5% division of the runs. In other words Mayfield totalled 139 and Foxton scored 136. Our next match in the NVC will be played at REED on Sunday, 10th July starting at 1.00pm versus Sibton Park. Hopefully we will have fair weather and a good crowd to cheer on the team. Ample Parking - Bar Open - BBQ after the match. We hope to see you at the game!

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Reed move into the National Stages of the Davidstow National Village Cup

After this weekend's comfortable 9 Wicket victory in the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Area Final of the National Village Cup Reed move on to play FINDON, the West Sussex Champions, in the next round. The match will be played at REED next Sunday, 26th June - 1.00pm Start. Hopefully we will have some good weather and a good crowd to cheer on the team. Ample Parking - Bar Open - BBQ after the match. We hope to see you at the game!

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Epic Evening at Reed on Monday

7pm - RCC Selection Committee meet!! Get your name down and win one (or two!) of 55/66 places available next weekend! 8pm - England v Slovakia in Euro 2016 Hopefully enjoy the match on the Reed Large Screen TV with Bud and Becks at reduced prices! 10pm - Post Mortem on both of above

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Robbo Rant Reaps Results! – but is the future “Orange” or Bleak!

The operational and management format of our Club is volunteer led. We have a long and proud history and heritage of “self help” club development that has taken us an enormous distance since 1975, away from no pavilion and changing and eating in the Village Hall. Superb Club facilities, a great wicket and well drained outfield, use of a second ground, 4 x Saturday Xl’s, a 1st Xl well established on the very edge of the Hertfordshire Premier League (without a £30K p.a. Budget!), a National Village Cup “in the locker”, and the DVD footage of our Lords Final win based on a team comprising 3 x pairs of brothers and 10 x ex Colts brought up through the club to reminisce over for all eternity!! This is my 36th Year of membership of Reed Cricket Club since my wife Annette and I moved to Royston in 1980. This is my 35th year of sitting on what has always been a responsible, hard working and vibrant General Committee of Reed Cricket Club. I have been Club Chairman, in 2 spells, for a total of over 30 years. In those 36 years we have overseen significant ground, pavilion and facilities improvements, and have always been prudently managed and had money in the bank. In addition to all that, Subscriptions and Match Fees at Reed are ridiculously amongst the very lowest in the Saracens Herts League – but is everything in the garden rosy? Both the Cricket grounds that we maintain and manage play well and always “look a picture”. We are hugely fortunate that somewhere along the line Richard Robertson, who joined the Club within a couple of years of myself, developed an interest in cricket [...]

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As my Granny would have said……

My Grandmother was a product of the early 20th century, and was renowned in our family for her “wise old sayings”. My own children will confirm these were often repeated in our home as they grew up, and many have thus passed down another generation. “A stitch in time saves nine” – but who stitches anything these “Primark” days! “Better Safe than Sorry!” – the forerunner of the Health and Safety Executive! “A Bird in the Hand is worth two in the bush”, “Charity begins at Home!”, “Blood is thicker than water”, There’s no point crying over spilt milk”, “Like father like son!”, “You may as well be hung for a sheep as a Lamb!”. “Spare the rod and spoil the Child” – Shock Horror! - ring for the Welfare Officer and Social Services!! “You’re only as young as the woman you feel” – or have I got that one wrong? I have been specifically reminded of several of the old sayings in these first few weeks of the Cricket season when our Club has limped, rather than burst, into life in terms of player availability. Despite the herculean and laudable efforts of last years new skipper Lloyd Bowman, some of us have at times debated whether we really have the depth of playing numbers to operate a Saturday League 4th Xl. Lloyd went well above and beyond the call of duty to get together the teams to meet last years fixtures and not only that – he managed to win the 4th Xl League with them!! Ultimately the prevailing wisdom was that we do have the numbers, and it was also stressed by some what an important outlet and breeding ground the 4th Xl [...]

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