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Tribute to Howard Marshall, Wednesday 21st November

Reed Cricket Club will be presented with a metal design depicting Wicket-Keeping Gloves by Justin Marshall and members of the Iron Foundry Industry. This will be in honour of our late-President, Howard Marshall. The evening will be an informal gathering for members and friends and will begin at 1930hrs.

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Awards Winners 2018

Awards Winners 2018 Congratulations to all the Winners of the various Club Awards that were presented at the Annual Dinner at the Old Bull Inn last night. This year’s winners are listed below. To see previous winners, (going back decades in some cases), look at the “History” pages on this website. The background explanations for the particular award are included.

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Honorary Secretary’s Report, 2018.

Honorary Secretary’s Report, 2018. My annual report usually begins with a round-up with the changes to the Club’s General Committee made at the previous year’s AGM. Whist there were some new faces, the most important thing I wish to highlight is the incredibly poor attendance at the AGM last November. Only 19 members turned-out. That is from a membership approaching 100 people and of those 19, only 6 were active players! A ridiculously low number. Whilst a quorum was reached to enable many items to be voted-on and some Committee members elected, the Club Rules state that certain positions may be voted on only by playing members. Simply, because fewer than one-fifth of the total paid-up players were in attendance, Captains, their deputies and Playing Sub-Committee members could not be “elected”. As far as I know this was unprecedented and in order to resolve the situation the decision was taken to keep the status quo by the existing role holders to remain in post then for the General Committee to co-opt people to fill any vacant roles later. The upshot was those who did not wish to be re-elected to the General Committee were Marcus Baker and William Heslam. Brought-in were Sam Summers, Paul Garrott, Michael Robertson and Rob Lankester. Sean Tidey took over as the Under 25’s Representative. A new role on the Committee was created when Bill Mansfield became the first Facility Manager. Later, MJE Baker stood down from the 3rd XI captaincy to be replaced by Paul Garrott. I thank all those past and present members who have served on the General Committee. Despite some ups-and-downs, our Club remains solvent and runs smoothly thanks to the hours of work and commitment these [...]

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End of Season Reviews, Captains & Colts’ Managers

1st XI REPORT 2018 A fairly disappointing season for the First Team this year! We once again held our own in the league and beat most sides but consistency throughout the season in selection let us down. However, there were lots of positives to take away from the season. Our bowling attack went from strength to strength with all 5 of our main bowlers taking over 20 wickets on some fairly flat pitches which was very encouraging. With the bat we passed 300 on a couple of occasions and 4 hundreds were scored but sadly we could not score consistently and this probably cost us a top 2 spot. We had some impressive performances from the first team fringe players, Richard Barlow impressed when selected, as did Matt Bowles and Jack Caine, hopefully these guys can kick on from here and really push for a place in the side on a more permanent basis. Unfortunately our campaign to defend our NVC crown this year never really got going, losing to Langleybury in the first round, although we did have our revenge on them in the final game of the league season, beating them and sending them down into Division 1. With that said we wish them all the best and hope to see them back in the championship in the near future. Moving forward into next season, I’m fairly sure there won’t be any cricket season weddings which should help out with the availability! We will be starting winter nets in February and hope to have a big pre-season so we can hit the ground running in May, where we will be playing for a big promotion push and also another trip back to Lord’s. [...]

Minutes of the Sixty-First AGM of Reed CC, 23rd November 2017

Minutes of the Sixty-First Annual General Meeting of Reed Cricket Club held in the Pavilion on 23rd November 2017 starting at 2007hrs. Present: Andrew Emms, (Club President), Chairman of AGM, Peter Baker, (Minute Taker), Marcus Baker, Roger Bowcock, Clive Collins, Keith Collins, Jonathan Fynn, Tom Greaves, Peter Lawrence, Peter McMeekin, Cilla Robertson, Richard Robertson, Bethan Smith, Graham Smith, Stuart Smith, Sam Summers, Peter Tidey, Tim Tidey, Peter Wholley. Apologies for absence: Chris Baker, Matt Bowles, Lloyd Bowman, Mitchell Cooper, Michael Curtis, Steve Dunn, Toby Fynn, Paul Garrott, Chris Jackson, Richard Johnson, Neil Haslam, James Heslam, John Heslam, William Heslam, Jack Tidey, Sean Tidey, Paul Watts. 1. To approve the Minutes of the AGM held on 24th November 2016. Minutes had been previously circulated and published on the RCC Website. Approval was proposed by Marcus Baker, seconded by Cilla Robertson, unanimously agreed and signed by the President. 2. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the previous AGM on 24th November 2016. There had been one Action from the 2016 AGM: Cilla Robertson to contact newly elected Captains & Officials to instruct them how to apply for DBS Certification. The Action had been completed and Certificates issued. 3. To receive the Honorary Secretary’s Report. Peter Baker’s Report had been previously circulated and published on the RCC Website. Receipt of the Hon. Secretary’s Report was proposed by Tom Greaves, seconded by Peter McMeekin and accepted unanimously. 4. To receive the Annual Accounts. Annual Account: The Honorary Treasurer, Bethan Smith, presented financial data to the year ending 30th September 2017. The Annual Accounts had yet to be audited by Jonathan Fynn and John Heslam but would be completed by the time of the next Committee Meeting. The Closing Balance [...]

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Notification of the Sixty-Second Annual General Meeting of Reed CC, Thursday 29th November 2018

Notification of the Sixty-Second Annual General Meeting of Reed Cricket Club to be held in the Howard Marshall Pavilion on Thursday 29th November 2018 starting at 2000hrs. Agenda to follow shortly. Peter G. Baker, Honorary Secretary, Reed Cricket Club.

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An Hour with Mike Brearley; Cambridge, 19th October

Reed Cricket Club Members, Below is information about an event in which you might be interested. This is not a Reed CC event, but as cricket enthusiasts you might wish to know about it. Do not try to book a place through me. Book direct at mikebrearley.eventbrite.co.uk, or by ‘phoning Heffers Bookshop on 01223 463200 or in person at Heffers Bookshop, 20, Trinity Street, Cambridge, CB2 1TY. PGB ************************************************************************* Friday 19th October, 12.30pm at the Queen’s Building, Emmanuel College: An Hour with Mike Brearley. Calling all cricket fans! Legendary England captain Mike Brearley is returning to Cambridge - and Heffers invites you to spend an hour in his company. Mike Brearley OBE was educated at Cambridge, reading Classics and Moral Sciences. He captained England from 1977 to 1980 and was recalled to the captaincy in 1981 for the Ashes Home series - one of their most famous victories. Since retiring from cricket he trained as a psychoanalyst, and is a lecturer on leadership and motivation. He is the author of the best-selling The Art of Captaincy, and has written on cricket and the psychology of sport for the Observer and The Times. In his new collection of essays, On Cricket, Brearley has gone through pieces he has written over the past four decades, elaborating on many of them, cutting or adding, according to his second thoughts presenting to the reader something that is more holistic, more synoptic, from distance and old age. Tickets for the event are priced at £8 in advance or £10 on the door and can be purchased through mikebrearley.eventbrite.co.uk, by calling 01223 463200 or in person at Heffers bookshop.

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Averages; All Teams, 2018

Averages; All Teams, 2018. Scroll downwards to find the particular team’s batting, bowling and fielding data. At the top you will see the 1st XI Combined Averages for all the Herts League, National Village Cup and Friendly matches. Next, the 1st XI Herts League games only and further down the 1st XI Village Cup match. Statistics for the Second XI come below that followed by those of the Third XI. Then lastly, the Sunday Friendly matches.

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Annual Dinner & Awards Presentation, 2nd November

The time has come for the Cups, Tankards and Trophies to be dusted-off and polished ready to be presented to the 2018 season award winners. Will you be one? The criteria isn't necessarily based on averages in all categories. Tickets for the Dinner (and Dance) will be available to purchase from behind the bar in the Howard Marshall Pavilion or to book a place by contacting Sam Greaves on 07950 644861. Seating will be limited so please don’t delay in booking. BOOK EARLY * BOOK EARLY * BOOK EARLY * BOOK EARLY * BOOK EARLY * BOOK EARLY * BOOK EARLY * BOOK EARLY *

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Quiz Number Three; Saturday 20th October

Saturday 20th October 7:00 p.m. for a prompt 8:00 p.m. start. Yes, another one! This time it will be the “End of Season Clearance Quiz” and prices at the bar will be reduced on many items, for example, draught beer and lager at £3 a pint, Prosecco £10 a bottle, wine at £8 a bottle, bottled bitter and Magner’s cider for £3 each. Captain Morgan’s spiced rum will also be available. Book early - ring Sam on 07950 644681 or Tom on 07787 243915.

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