2013 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in the Pavilion on 28th November 2013. Present A. Emms    President – Chairman of AGM J.Q. Heslam               S. Tidey                    C. Jackson                 S. Smith                    T. Tidey G. Smith                    Mrs J. Smith              P. Tidey                    M. Cooper                K. Collins L. Johnson                M. Martin                 J.A. Heslam               Toby Fynn                P. Wholley                 M. Baker           J. Fynn T. Greaves       M. Bowles                                 W. Heslam R. Willoughby           A. Emms                   P. Watts                    R. Bowcock               N. Haslam Apologies for Absence: Mr R. Robertson, Mrs C. Robertson, Dennis Easley, Maseeh Naeem, Peter McMeekin, Peter Baker, Howard Marshall, Richard Haydon, Michael Curtis. 1). Matters Arising from 2012 AGM Minutes: There were no matters arising from the Minutes of the last AGM meeting. 2). Approval of the Minutes of 2012 AGM These were unanimously approved by the meeting following a proposal by James Heslam (JAH) and seconded by Graham Smith (GS). 3). Hon. Secretary's Report 2013. Michael Curtis’s 2013 Hon Secretary’s Report was complete and online. Roger Bowcock (RB) proposed the Hon Secretary’s report be accepted, and this was seconded by Graham Smith and approved unanimously. 4). Hon. Treasurer's Report Hon. Treasurer Bethan Smith (BS) presented and reviewed the figures for the clubs 2012/13 financial year, which had yet to be audited. It was agreed by the Auditors that the auditing examination would be completed and a report available to the first meeting of the RCCGC in January 2014. John Heslam (JQH) commented as Chairman of the Club that the detailed focus on Income and Expenditure and available balances of Club Funds at every meeting of the RCCGC meant that few problems or surprises were likely to be encountered in the Audit. There were no issues of significance in relation to [...]

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2013 Notice Of 57th Annual General Meeting

NOTICE OF FIFTYSEVENTH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING   Our Reed Cricket Club Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, 28th November 2013, at 8.00 p.m. in the Pavilion, The Green, Reed.  AGENDA 1. To approve the minutes of the AGM held on 29th November 2012. 2. Matters arising. 3. To receive the Hon. Secretary's Report. 4. To receive the Annual Accounts. 5. To consider amendments to 1 x Club Rule as below: Proposed Rule 7: The Management of the Club shall be entrusted to a General Committee of no more than twentyone Club Members consisting of the PRESIDENT, CLUB CAPTAIN, CLUB CHAIRMAN, 2ND XI CAPTAIN, SUNDAY CAPTAIN, HONORARY SECRETARY, HONORARY TREASURER, HONORARY SOCIAL SECRETARY, HONORARY MATCH SECRETARY, BAR COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN, GROUND COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN, COLTS LIAISON OFFICER, WELFARE OFFICER, UNDER 25 REPRESENTATIVE, FUNDRAISING OFFICER, COACHING COORDINATOR, SELECTION COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN, and up to FOUR other members of the club elected at the Annual General Meeting. Every Member of the General Committee, with the exception of the PRESIDENT, shall retire at the end of one year's service, but shall be eligible for re-election. The UNDER 25 REPRESENTATIVE must be under 25 when elected. The Committee shall meet at such times as the Committee shall determine, and at all meetings of the General Committee ELEVEN shall form a quorum. 6. To consider and ratify or amend rates of subscription. 7. To elect Officers for the coming year. 8. Any other business. 2013 Club Officers and Team Captains Reports have been posted on the Club Website and will also be available in hard copy in the pavilion on the night of the meeting. Copies of the various Club Accounts will be available in hard copy in the pavilion on the [...]

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