Annual Awards Dinner

The Jester in Ashwell played host to the annual awards dinner on Saturday 5th April. Over 50 club members were in attendance for the 3 course, sit down meal followed by the award ceremony. Highlights of the night included 1st team Captain James Heslam receiving the 1st XI batting tinkered (again) and Tom Greaves cleaning up with 4 awards, including the 1st team bowling and players player of the year awards, as well as the Diana Field Cup, which recognises an outstanding individual performance for his blistering knock against Flitwick at The Green. Richard Johnson was awarded James Heslam’s Captains Award for his efforts last season. Other notable recipients of team awards included Marcus Martin, who won the 2nd IX batting and players player awards, and club legend Peter Tidey who collected the gong for 2nd XI bowling award. 3rd XI skipper Maseeh Naeem handed Marcus J.E. Baker the 3rd XI batting and players player of the year award, whilst young Jack Caine capped a very special season for himself by collecting the 3rd XI bowling award, as well as the Mike Jackson Cup for being the most impressive youngster in adult cricket. Rob Willoughby won a clean sweep of awards for the 4th XI. Sunday cricket was also recognised, with the younger Tidey brothers both being recognised for their efforts with the bat (Sean) and ball (Jack). Youngsters Rob Lankester and Rhodri Hughes were also awarded trophies, along with George Garrott and Mike Naeem who claimed the prestigious ‘Duck’ trophy. Lastly, the efforts of non-playing members of the club were also celebrated. Tea ladies Rosemary Collins and the retiring Hilary Curtis were rightly rewarded for their brilliant teas throughout the season, with Mrs Curtis [...]

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Umpiring Courses This Winter

The league is running umpiring courses again this winter. If you're interested please email the course leaders. There will be courses at four venues around the county running from late January or early February and details are set out below.  In addition it is intended to run a weekend course before next season for anyone interested but unable to commit to the evening courses. You will know that the League has been encouraging clubs to increase the number of qualified umpires and you will be aware of the match rules with regard to umpires in Divisions 3 to 6.  Over the last four years the response has been encouraging and I would like your support in maintaining the good level of response. May I ask you to make every effort to encourage fellow club members to put themselves forward for one of the training courses.  The feedback from those who attend is very positive and clearly they are of benefit both to our clubs and the League as a whole. Baldock Town CC - commencing on Tuesday 28nd January at 8.00pm Course leader - [email protected] Hertford CC - commencing on Monday 27th January at 7.30pm Course leader - [email protected] Radlett CC – commencing on Tuesday 11th February at 8.00pm Course leader - [email protected] Watford Town CC - commencing on Wednesday 29th January at 8.00pm Course leader - [email protected]

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Santa is coming

HO, HO, HO, CHILDREN!!!(and Mums & Dads) On Sunday 22nd December, I am visiting Reed Cricket Club to meet all the children who have given their names and ages to Andrew Emms-I expect my sack of presents will be quite heavy! Time: from 12 noon Place: Reed CC Pavilion I will be quite hungry, so if your Mums and Dads could supply some nibbles/sausage rolls/canapés/etc.,etc., that would be grand! All welcome, bar open, & a convivial time will be had by everyone!! Replies to………………….. [email protected] by 15th December, please. HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

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2013 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in the Pavilion on 28th November 2013. Present A. Emms    President – Chairman of AGM J.Q. Heslam               S. Tidey                    C. Jackson                 S. Smith                    T. Tidey G. Smith                    Mrs J. Smith              P. Tidey                    M. Cooper                K. Collins L. Johnson                M. Martin                 J.A. Heslam               Toby Fynn                P. Wholley                 M. Baker           J. Fynn T. Greaves       M. Bowles                                 W. Heslam R. Willoughby           A. Emms                   P. Watts                    R. Bowcock               N. Haslam Apologies for Absence: Mr R. Robertson, Mrs C. Robertson, Dennis Easley, Maseeh Naeem, Peter McMeekin, Peter Baker, Howard Marshall, Richard Haydon, Michael Curtis. 1). Matters Arising from 2012 AGM Minutes: There were no matters arising from the Minutes of the last AGM meeting. 2). Approval of the Minutes of 2012 AGM These were unanimously approved by the meeting following a proposal by James Heslam (JAH) and seconded by Graham Smith (GS). 3). Hon. Secretary's Report 2013. Michael Curtis’s 2013 Hon Secretary’s Report was complete and online. Roger Bowcock (RB) proposed the Hon Secretary’s report be accepted, and this was seconded by Graham Smith and approved unanimously. 4). Hon. Treasurer's Report Hon. Treasurer Bethan Smith (BS) presented and reviewed the figures for the clubs 2012/13 financial year, which had yet to be audited. It was agreed by the Auditors that the auditing examination would be completed and a report available to the first meeting of the RCCGC in January 2014. John Heslam (JQH) commented as Chairman of the Club that the detailed focus on Income and Expenditure and available balances of Club Funds at every meeting of the RCCGC meant that few problems or surprises were likely to be encountered in the Audit. There were no issues of significance in relation to [...]

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Practice makes Perfect

So the full season is eventually underway after a stuttering start, and true to form the weather does it’s best to spoil the party in the first full week of SHCL action! Very early days, an emphatic win last Sunday in the 1st round of the National Village Cup against last years Area Finalists Eaton Bray in front of a good crowd and on a lovely sunny afternoon at Reed. A polished team performance and some notable personal performances give hope for another good Cup run. Dare we dream the undreamable!! A great win that defied the weather for the 2nds yesterday but overall events in the early weeks of the season have unfortunately been shrouded in some disappointment and embarrassments for our Club. Could it be said that the problems really centre around the close season apathy that surprisingly seemingly prevailed amongst many playing members, even after all the excitement of Lords and a promotion of the 1st Xl to SHCL Division 1. Despite invitations to discuss and agree the best day/evening for winter practice nets, what proved to be an unsatisfactory agreement on alternative week Friday evening nets was decided. The paltry attendances, almost exclusively under double figures, sounded some warning notes, about likely early season availability and match preparedness. Last autumn our Fixture Secretary took soundings from our team Captains on the General Committee about the volume of early season fixtures that they wished to see in the fixture calendar. These were duly noted and the requested arrangements made. We cancelled fixtures in the 3rd week of April that have historically been arranged as past availability had been so poor, and started our matches a week later. However, Week 1 we put [...]

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When the “Sledge” comes out without the snow – Who Wins?

As I sit here on this Sunday morning gazing through the window of my study, the sun is shining outside, we have a further round of the National Village Cup to look forward to this afternoon, and the Saracens Herts Cricket League Table in front of me shows REED Cricket Club sitting at the top of SHCL Division 1!! The 1st Xl’s of the modest little towns of Hertford, St Albans, Luton, Hitchin, Ampthill, Flitwick, and Watford (Langleybury!) sit respectfully in the shadows below. All is well with the world!To add to the glow, further down the Emailed SHCL Results page we see Reed 2nd Xl sitting 2nd in SHCL Division 7, and Reed 3rd Xl sitting 4th in SHCL Division 9. A 3 wins out of 3 matches, 90 Point Saturday, behind us. Two teams out on duty today, lets hope they can be equally successful. The Heslam car didn’t make it too far yesterday owing to family commitments but it did make it to Reed where our 1st Xl were entertaining Flitwick and the match eventually threw up a notable talking point. Does “Sledging” the opposition actually do any good? Even up to the early 1990’s sledging in recreational Cricket was barely in evidence. The odd uncouth “colonial” visitor might demonstrate his vulgarity, and seek to question everyone’s parentage, but by and large matches went by in relative tranquillity with encouragement and mutual respect for quality moments being to the fore in any comments/banter. What then changed was the better televising of the national game. Stump microphones began to pick up some of the less pleasant asides which had been in the international game for years, particularly when competing with antipodeans! In addition, [...]

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So it rained yesterday and the Pitch is Damp! – Do we automatically turn against the percentages?

Last week I sat here on the Sunday morning gazing through the window of my study and as I wrote: The sun was shining outside, we had a further round of the National Village Cup to look forward to that afternoon, and the Saracens Herts Cricket League Table in front of me showed me REED Cricket Club sitting at the top of SHCL Division 1!! The 1st Xl’s of the modest little towns of Hertford, St Albans, Luton, Hitchin, Ampthill, Flitwick, and Watford (Langleybury!) sat respectfully in the shadows below. All was well with the world! To add to the glow, further down the Emailed SHCL Results page we saw Reed 2nd Xl sitting 2nd in SHCL Division 7, and Reed 3rd Xl sitting 4th in SHCL Division 9. A 3 wins out of 3 matches, 90 Point Saturday, behind us. What a difference a week makes!! What a great leveller the game is! Dumped ignominiously out of the Village Cup last Sunday, and a disappointing Saturday this weekend with 3 x losses in 4 SHCL matches, and only our 2nd and 4th Xl’s Xl achieving “double digit” points returns on the weekends efforts. The 2nds narrowly failed to complete what would have been a good win against Southgate Adelaide, and a decimated and youthful 4th Xl failed narrowly to contain an experienced Wheathampstead 3rd’s. All our Reed teams suffered from some poor availability, some of it through very late disruptive and damaging withdrawals, cascaded downwards from the very top team. To ensure the avoidance of doubt, the following discourse comprises a “discussion point” not any personal criticism. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone! Points wise it was a very poor [...]

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A View from a Rocking Chair

As I sit here in my study with the rays of the sun blazing though my french-windows, I want to claim a share in a Reed Cricket Club record that I think has been created recently. On the 11th May 2013, the Reed Fourth XI played away against Datchworth. Included in the team were three veteran Reed players, Ian Roberts, Alan Ward and me. You might not be aware that all three of us are Grandfathers! Alan's middle son Keiran has two children, Ian's daughter Lucy gave birth to her own daughter in February and my elder son, James, became a father on the 29th April when my grandson, Jonty, was born.Thus, when Ian, Alan and I played together at Datchworth, we formed a trio of Granddads. I know of no other instance of this happening in the Club's history although I can't be absolutely certain that some of those older generation of players in the fifties and sixties were not of similar age to us and were possibly doting grandparents. (They were probably only 20 or 30 something years old although from the images in the photographs they all looked and dressed as if they were sixty!) Certainly, there are other Club members who are already grandparents, but they don't play. Also active in the Club currently, JQH is a grandfather several times over, but he has not yet played this season. Perhaps if John plays with us we could push the bar even higher and create an all-time record of 4 Granddads turning-out for the same team. A quartet that would be hard to beat. Unfortunately, Mr. Roberts has delayed that scenario from happening for a few weeks more by involving himself with a ladder, height and gravity. (Ian - we [...]

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As you Sow – So shall you Reap!!

The best weekend SHCL Saturday points-wise for our Club in quite some time with the 1sts, 2nds, and 3rds, all winning, and the 4ths getting a good draw. Unfortunately Sundays Herts Cup match at Reed saw a significant fall off in performance and an embarrassing reverse! Flaming June has arrived and we bid goodbye to a damp May and a rather mixed start to the new season. The Saturday 1st and 2nd Xl’s have done pretty well. Our newly promoted 1st Xl have a 66% strike rate, having won 2 of their 3 completed SHCL Division 1 fixtures, and the 2nd Xl have a 60% SHCL Div. 7 success rate having won 3 of 5. On Sunday morning the 2nd Xl stood in 2nd place in their league but by this coming Friday they will slide back to 3rd as the outcome of the “Selection-Gate” SHCL enquiry docks them 14 penalty points in relation to team selection for the opening match of the season. Disappointing, but to be honest, more than fair! The 3rd Xl are in mid table having suffered from the very variable May availability throughout the Club, and the 4th Xl of course bear the real brunt of the same problem, having had to concede 1 match and suffering “Domino effect” team weakness in several others. Sunday Cricket has been a much more disappointing area for us in May and early June. As National Village Cup holders, and after a good first round performance against Eton Bray, we surprisingly, and embarrassingly, collapsed chasing a modest total against Wheathampstead in the next NVC round and exited the competition. Two weeks later, admittedly fielding a weaker team, we suffered the same fate in the [...]

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Reed get into top gear – as the “Bloodhounds” get agitated!!

The best weekend of the season so far with a “120 Point” SHCL Saturday (albeit with a 30Pt concession to our 4th Xl!) and a comprehensive win at Reed for our Sunday 1st Xl. The only slight blip on the landscape was the Sunday 2nds narrowly failing to win an exciting, enjoyable and high scoring encounter away at Knebworth Blues. Our 1st Xl continued their recent demolition of the teams of the major town and cities in Hertfordshire, following last weeks crushing of Hitchin with a comprehensive win over St Albans. A thoroughly competent all-round performance saw the home side bowled out for 200 in under 49 overs and Reed comfortably knock off the required total with 8 overs to spare and only 3 wickets down. The equally in form 2nd Xl added to the diocese city’s need for divine intervention by skitteling their 3rd Xl for 72 and then knocking off the runs for the loss of only 2 wickets. The 3rd Xl had the privilege of a joyous trip to the Rickmansworth 2nd ground but had the consolation of returning with the full 30 points. The southwest Herts misery was completed when Chorleywood lV made a late concession to Reed lV giving our 4ths their first 30Pts of the season! A disappointing day for our 11 Cricketers to have no match at very late notice but the £100 Fine that should be awarded to Reed will come in handy! Sundays CCC fixture against East Side got off to a worrying and chaotic start when the visitors arrived very late for the fixture. However, once the match started it provided more lengthy entertainment than the previous Sundays match, but unsurprisingly before a much smaller [...]

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