Minutes of the Fifty-ninth AGM of Reed CC, 19th November 2015

Minutes of the Fifty-ninth Annual General Meeting of Reed Cricket Club held in the Pavilion on 19th November 2015 starting at 2000hrs. Present: Andrew Emms, (Club President), Chairman of AGM, Peter Baker, (Minute Taker), Marcus Baker, Roger Bowcock, Matt Bowles, Lloyd Bowman, Clive Collins, Keith Collins, Mitchell Cooper, Jonathan Fynn, Toby Fynn, Neil Gardner, Tom Greaves, Neil Haslam, James Heslam, John Heslam, William Heslam, Peter McMeekin, Richard Robertson, Cilla Robertson, Michael Robertson, Bethan Smith, Graham Smith, Stuart Smith, Jack Tidey, Peter Tidey, Sean Tidey, Tim Tidey, Peter Wholley, Rob Willoughby. Apologies for absence: Chris Baker, Richard Barlow, Dennis Easley, Roger Fulk, Chris Jackson, Marcus Martin, Paul Watts. 1. To approve the Minutes of the AGM held on 27th November 2014. Minutes had been previously circulated and published on the RCC Website. Approval was proposed by Richard Robertson, seconded by Neil Haslam, unanimously agreed and signed by the President. 2. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the previous AGM on 27th November 2014. A. Change in Rules: According to Club Constitution, when Rules are changed or amended, the Honorary Secretary must give written notice to the Chief Officer of the Police and to the Clerk of the Local Authority. Action: The Hon. Secretary to notify those concerned. Discharged. So notified and agreed with all parties that this was no longer necessary in the future. B. There had been a proposal by Stevenage CC regarding match rules in Divisions 1 to 12 of the Herts League for 2015: Club members and in particular those playing in the Saturday 2nd XI had been canvassed twice in the preceding months. Marcus Martin informed the membership that players were against the proposal. Action: The Hon. Secretary to notify the Herts [...]

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Notification of the 59th AGM of RCC, 2000hrs, 19th November

Notification of the Fifty-ninth Annual General Meeting of Reed Cricket Club to be held in the Clubhouse on Thursday 19th November 2015 starting at 2000hrs. Agenda. 1. Minutes. Approval and signing of minutes from the RCC AGM held on 27th November 2014. 2. Matters arising. 3. To receive the Honorary Secretary’s Report. 4. To receive the Annual Accounts. 5. To consider amendments to the Club Constitution. 6. To consider and ratify or amend rates of Subscription. Only members over the age of 18 may vote. 7. To elect Officers for the coming year. Rules, (all those voting must be fully paid-up members of the Club). Playing members over the age of 18 may vote on the election of all the officers. Playing members aged 16 or 17 may vote only on the election of Team Captains, Vice-Captains, and members of the Selection Committee. Playing members under 16 may not vote. Non-Playing members must be over the age of 18 to vote, but may not vote on the election of Captains, Vice-Captains, and Selection Committee. 8. Any other business. a. Fire Safety Training; current situation. Club Officers’ and Team Captains’ reports have been posted on the Club website and some hard-copies will be available in the pavilion at the AGM. Hard-copies of the various Club Accounts will be available in the pavilion at the AGM. Peter G. Baker, Honorary Secretary, Reed Cricket Club.

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Honorary Secretary’s Report, 2015.

Honorary Secretary’s Report, 2015. At the 2014 AGM, Michael “Baz” Curtis did not seek re-election as Honorary Secretary and I replaced him. Keith Collins, after 40+ years on the committee, and Stuart Smith also stood-down whilst Rob Willoughby, Jack Tidey and Sean Tidey filled the vacancies. In April Tom Greaves resigned as Coach Coordinator and subsequently Richard Barlow was co-opted onto the General Committee in that role. Life Member and former President, Howard Marshall, decided to stand-down from the Committee in May. Howard is irreplaceable! Your General Committee met 11 times during the year with an average attendance rate touching 83% per meeting at the time of writing this report. There were several pieces of significant business completed during the year. Reed Parish Council wished to formalize our 60-year association. Negotiated by Club Chairman, John Heslam, a 10-year agreement with a 5-year notice to quit clause that protects both the Parish Council and the Club was signed-off. Similarly, a new agreement based on the same lines was made with the Freman College management. RCC pay nothing to the school but in return the playing area is maintained to top class standards with Richard Robertson overseeing the preparation of pitches for school matches in addition to the ones our 3rd and 4th XIs use at weekends. We are indebted to JQH for seeing through these vital safeguards to our future. Thank you John. Parts of the Club Constitution were thought to be out of date, lacking certain important content and in no particular order. It has been reviewed and the proposed new Constitution will be brought to the AGM this November for members to vote on. Because of dwindling numbers, we were proactive in trying to [...]

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