Conceded Matches; Keatley Cup & 20/20 Cup 21st June

Don't have wasted journeys. Cokenach could not raise a side and consequently have conceded Reed's last round-robin fixture in this season's Keatley Cup competition on Wednesday 17th June. News of the finalists to follow when known. This coming Sunday, 21st June, Totteridge Millhillians have conceded to Reed in the Reader's County 20/20 Cup. This leaves Reed unbeaten at the top of Group B and qualifying for the Quarter Finals where they are scheduled to play Hertford, the Runners-Up of Group D, on Sunday 5th July. The Sunday Friendly fixture versus Preston on the 21st June has now been switched from the Freman Oval to Reed Village Green. PGB

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Keatley Cup competition 2015

Clubs participating: Cokenach, Foxton, Reed, Royston and Thriplow. Format: Each club will play the others once with the top two in the table playing each other in a Final. Matches are 16 Overs per side. Matches to start at 1815hrs or earlier if mutually convenient. Points system: 12 Points for a Win; 6 Points each for a Tie; 6 Points each if a match is abandoned and not able to be re-played (for example, weather conditions). Losing Teams only: Batting bonus points awarded at 60, 100 and 140 runs. Bowling bonus points awarded at 3, 6 and 9 wickets. Fixtures, (Home side listed first): Week commencing 25th May Cokenach v Royston Reed v Thriplow Week commencing 1st June Foxton v Thriplow Reed v Royston Week commencing 8th June Foxton v Reed Thriplow v Cokenach Week commencing 15th June Royston v Foxton Reed v Cokenach Week commencing 22nd June Cokenach v Foxton Royston v Thriplow Specific dates for the round-robin fixtures to be arranged between the clubs involved. Reed’s first match is Home at Thriplow on Wednesday 27th May. Because of injury to the elected captain, William Heslam, Reed’s Mid-Week XI will be led by Sean Tidey. Reed at home versus Royston will be on Wednesday 3rd June. Reserve space to re-arrange abandoned or postponed matches will be between 29th June and 10th July. All matches must be completed by the 10th July. KEATLEY CUP FINAL 2015: To be played at Therfield Cricket Ground, (home of Royston CC), on Wednesday 15th July. PGB

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2015 Fixtures

The 2015 fixtures have finally been posted. You can see them all here in the club calendar.

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