“Cricketing Ethic flounders in confusion – and why our “Jonno” needs to play International Cricket!”

Ageing Colonels and other “old boys” who enjoy watching our great sport at various levels have been choking on their sherries for many years now as the structure, rules and past ethics of the game are dismantled at the very top, and much of the resulting debris provides unnecessary fallout and confusion much further down the great games performance levels. “The Umpire is always right!” has of course been a misnomer for as long as the game has existed, but by and large it was accepted as a mantra, however reluctantly, and however many tongues were being bitten!! Of course Umpires have not always been right, some have been downright cheats, but in recent years with the advent of DRS at the highest, most visible levels of our game, the phrase has been totally devalued. Cricket Officialdom (at levels below international Cricket) still insist that Umpiring decisions are afforded unflinching acceptance and respect, even when their confusing actions provoke unnecessary controversy. (Rein yourself in Mr Chairman!). However at International Level it is all so different. The Umpire is always right, until DRS proves him “Wrong” (unless you are playing India!). The Umpire could be “Wrong” but is still declared “Right” if the DRS fractional analysis eventually declares the incident to be “Umpires Call”. Additionally, the Umpire could be “Right” on the decision, but then the whole issue is declared void because the bowler has overstepped the popping crease and a “No Ball” is declared as an afterthought! This latter issue occurs very frequently at the moment because the Umpires (who are always right) no longer choose to pay deference to, or implement, the front foot No Ball rule of the game they are adjudicating! They will [...]