Working the cycles of Consumer Contempt

It’s our usual dank, dark, damp, close season, and this is not really an article with an awful lot to do with Cricket, but it is some food for thought, and an explanation as to how I raised almost £200.00 for our Club in the last 2 years – whilst saving money for myself – and without costing myself a penny! As you all ought to know by now – making online purchases via links on the Reed CC website can earn our Club substantive accumulations of sales commissions. This process has been going for years and is known as affiliate marketing. Our Reed CC website constructor Baz Curtis was a pathfinder in recognising the availability of this field of prospective Club fundraising, and as long as 10 years ago brought many specific corporate links to the Club website for members to use to benefit our club. Unfortunately, bar a few stalwarts, support of this initiative never really “took off”.  However, in 2015, online purchasing is now much more widely undertaken, and there is a now a much simplified user format of commission raising being offered. This is called “Easyfundraising”. The Easyfundraising mechanism is so easy to use that you can actually upload either an App to your mobile phone or tablet computer, or a programme to your PC or laptop that shows if websites that you are visiting to make a purchase are already “Easyfundraising member sites”. If that is the case then you just need to click on the Easyfundraising logo/signage to get a “no cost to you” donation made to Reed Cricket Club. So the mechanism is very easy – IF you can be persuaded to register with Easyfundraising and nominate Reed [...]