Honorary Secretary’s Report, 2019

At the time of drafting this Report, there are still four weeks to go before this year’s AGM and I shall begin by recounting various activities and events that occurred during these past 12 months, but not necessarily in chronological order. Last autumn I reported that only 19 members attended the 2017 AGM. I am pleased to report this year that all of those same 19 members were in attendance again at the 2018 AGM and that they were joined by a further 24 members; 28 of the aggregation had played matches that year, so all the voting criteria was able to be met this time. With regard to changes to the General Committee, Phil Frenay stood down from the Second XI captaincy and was replaced by Ed Garrott. As forewarned, Cilla Robertson gave up two of her three roles and although she remained as Membership Secretary, Hannah Heslam took-on Colts Liaison whilst Chloe Robertson became Welfare Officer. The new role of Saracens Hertfordshire Premier Cricket League Representative was created as a separate position on our General Committee and Michael Robertson was elected as the first post-holder. (Previously Richard Robertson had been the Club’s liaison with the SHPCL but it was not an official “committee position”). Peter Tidey and Karl Ward both did not seek re-election to the General Committee although Karl remained Second XI Vice-Captain until partway through the season. Those vacancies on the Committee allowed Richard Johnson and Matt Giblin opportunities to be elected “Without Portfolio”. All other officials were re-elected in their existing roles. Remarkably, our Committee now contains four married couples on it – this must be a record! Outside the Committee positions, Jack Tidey did not wish to continue as [...]

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Honorary Secretary’s Report, 2018.

Honorary Secretary’s Report, 2018. My annual report usually begins with a round-up with the changes to the Club’s General Committee made at the previous year’s AGM. Whist there were some new faces, the most important thing I wish to highlight is the incredibly poor attendance at the AGM last November. Only 19 members turned-out. That is from a membership approaching 100 people and of those 19, only 6 were active players! A ridiculously low number. Whilst a quorum was reached to enable many items to be voted-on and some Committee members elected, the Club Rules state that certain positions may be voted on only by playing members. Simply, because fewer than one-fifth of the total paid-up players were in attendance, Captains, their deputies and Playing Sub-Committee members could not be “elected”. As far as I know this was unprecedented and in order to resolve the situation the decision was taken to keep the status quo by the existing role holders to remain in post then for the General Committee to co-opt people to fill any vacant roles later. The upshot was those who did not wish to be re-elected to the General Committee were Marcus Baker and William Heslam. Brought-in were Sam Summers, Paul Garrott, Michael Robertson and Rob Lankester. Sean Tidey took over as the Under 25’s Representative. A new role on the Committee was created when Bill Mansfield became the first Facility Manager. Later, MJE Baker stood down from the 3rd XI captaincy to be replaced by Paul Garrott. I thank all those past and present members who have served on the General Committee. Despite some ups-and-downs, our Club remains solvent and runs smoothly thanks to the hours of work and commitment these [...]

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Honorary Secretary’s Report, 2017.

Honorary Secretary’s Report, 2017. I have routinely begun this Report by detailing the changes of personnel on the Club’s General Committee; this year, that is secondary. The most significant change to our Club came with the death in September of our twice-Past President, Howard Marshall, at the age of 82. He had been in declining health for some months. I am sure you will have your own memories and anecdotes of and about Howard and I don’t intend to reproduce them here. All I shall state is that without Howard’s massive influence, commitment, hard-work and leadership for almost half-a-century, Reed Cricket Club and its players would not be where they are today. Thank you Howard. We look forward to next season when in a ceremony at which we hope members of his family will be present, we shall be naming the Clubhouse, the Howard Marshall Pavilion in his honour. Last autumn, it was a shock to me to receive an indication from John Heslam that he would not be seeking re-election as Club Chairman nor as Committee Member at the 2016 AGM. More on that later. Others of the 2015/6 Committee who also stood down for various reasons were Marcus Martin, Ian Osborne, Mike Robertson, Graham Smith, Jack Tidey, Paul Watts and Rob Willoughby. I thank them all for their parts in managing the Club and all the tasks they have collectively carried-out over the years. Putting themselves forward to Committee positions at the AGM were Phil Frenay, (2nd XI Captain), and Peter Tidey (without portfolio). Matt Bowles ceased being Social Secretary and took over as Playing Sub-Committee Chairman, Cilla Robertson added Colts Liaison to her roles as Welfare Officer and Membership Secretary. Although already [...]

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Honorary Secretary’s Report, 2016.

The latest AGM in November 2015 saw several changes in the Club’s General Committee and Officers. Most notably was that of Tom Greaves becoming Club Captain after James Heslam’s successful 8-year reign. James himself took over from father John as the Fundraising Officer and thus remained on the Committee. Ian Osborne who had joined only earlier in 2015 stepped into the vacancy of Colts Liaison Officer that Peter Wholley had performed for a number of years in conjunction with his dual role of Fixture Secretary. Peter continued with the Fixtures. Mike Robertson had lost-out in the vote for Committee members “Without Portfolio” at the AGM but when some issues arose about the withdrawal of our storage space at Freman College, Mike was co-opted onto the Committee to act as liaison. In May, Mitchell Cooper resigned from the Committee for family reasons and William Heslam was invited to replace him as the Under 25 representative. To date, the General Committee has met on five occasions with a 68% attendance. The newly-introduced Executive Committee met six times with an attendance rate of 76%. I thank all past and present club members who have served on the Committee. Without them, the Club, as we know and enjoy it, would cease to function. A major portion of business at that AGM was to accept the revised Constitution. This created significant changes to the running of the Club by introducing an Executive Committee, (which is entrusted to manage the Club), and a Playing Sub-Committee under Paul Watts’s chairmanship and which is responsible for Team Selection, Disciplinary issues and choosing annual awards winners. Also, we formalised the position of Membership Secretary as a separate role. Cilla Robertson has been responsible for [...]

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Honorary Secretary’s Report, 2015.

Honorary Secretary’s Report, 2015. At the 2014 AGM, Michael “Baz” Curtis did not seek re-election as Honorary Secretary and I replaced him. Keith Collins, after 40+ years on the committee, and Stuart Smith also stood-down whilst Rob Willoughby, Jack Tidey and Sean Tidey filled the vacancies. In April Tom Greaves resigned as Coach Coordinator and subsequently Richard Barlow was co-opted onto the General Committee in that role. Life Member and former President, Howard Marshall, decided to stand-down from the Committee in May. Howard is irreplaceable! Your General Committee met 11 times during the year with an average attendance rate touching 83% per meeting at the time of writing this report. There were several pieces of significant business completed during the year. Reed Parish Council wished to formalize our 60-year association. Negotiated by Club Chairman, John Heslam, a 10-year agreement with a 5-year notice to quit clause that protects both the Parish Council and the Club was signed-off. Similarly, a new agreement based on the same lines was made with the Freman College management. RCC pay nothing to the school but in return the playing area is maintained to top class standards with Richard Robertson overseeing the preparation of pitches for school matches in addition to the ones our 3rd and 4th XIs use at weekends. We are indebted to JQH for seeing through these vital safeguards to our future. Thank you John. Parts of the Club Constitution were thought to be out of date, lacking certain important content and in no particular order. It has been reviewed and the proposed new Constitution will be brought to the AGM this November for members to vote on. Because of dwindling numbers, we were proactive in trying to [...]

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