Robbo Rant Reaps Results! – but is the future “Orange” or Bleak!

The operational and management format of our Club is volunteer led. We have a long and proud history and heritage of “self help” club development that has taken us an enormous distance since 1975, away from no pavilion and changing and eating in the Village Hall. Superb Club facilities, a great wicket and well drained outfield, use of a second ground, 4 x Saturday Xl’s, a 1st Xl well established on the very edge of the Hertfordshire Premier League (without a £30K p.a. Budget!), a National Village Cup “in the locker”, and the DVD footage of our Lords Final win based on a team comprising 3 x pairs of brothers and 10 x ex Colts brought up through the club to reminisce over for all eternity!! This is my 36th Year of membership of Reed Cricket Club since my wife Annette and I moved to Royston in 1980. This is my 35th year of sitting on what has always been a responsible, hard working and vibrant General Committee of Reed Cricket Club. I have been Club Chairman, in 2 spells, for a total of over 30 years. In those 36 years we have overseen significant ground, pavilion and facilities improvements, and have always been prudently managed and had money in the bank. In addition to all that, Subscriptions and Match Fees at Reed are ridiculously amongst the very lowest in the Saracens Herts League – but is everything in the garden rosy? Both the Cricket grounds that we maintain and manage play well and always “look a picture”. We are hugely fortunate that somewhere along the line Richard Robertson, who joined the Club within a couple of years of myself, developed an interest in cricket [...]