Social Media Abuse

A MESSAGE FROM THE HERTS LEAGUE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. All participants in the Herts League are reminded that Twitter Abuse of SHPCL or its management or of any participant will be severely dealt by the SHPCL Disciplinary committee. This extends to all Social Media outlets. Please consider carefully before posting anything. All participants in the Herts League are reminded that the Code of Conduct and Spirit of Cricket applies to Social Media as well as on the field of play. The League has been made aware of spoof twitter accounts and messages sent between participants that bring the League into disrepute. Any participant following or commenting on these spoof accounts could be considered to be complicit in their content and therefore risk their own, or their clubs, further sanctions. It is easy for the committee to see who they are. Therefore, we ask anyone engaged in this activity to immediately remove any likes, comments and even follows for these accounts and their critical messages. Friendly banter is welcomed, but these sites go way too far and it simply isn’t acceptable. After June 1st anyone engaged in this activity, even if just following an abusive twitter site or person, will face League disciplinary procedures.