Sunday Cricket – Dying in front of our eyes!! Are League Cricket formats and “attitudes” to blame?”

The governing bodies of most sports are wringing their hands and worrying about participation levels falling. Cricket is no exception, and whilst the major Cricket Leagues and the ECB fret mainly about the state of Saturday League Cricket, the state of Sunday Cricket is far, far, worse!! In our local area of North Herts and South Cambridgeshire we all know that on most Sundays you will struggle to find a Cricket Match being played on the majority of the grounds where Saturday League Cricket is still regularly played. At Reed we are one of the exceptions in that a match is played by at least one Reed Xl every Sunday. In addition to the regular players, there is also a hard core of spectators and families that come up to the ground each Sunday for a bite of tea, a picnic, or an early evening aperitif from the Club Bar! An appearance from the sun always helps to swell the crowd – but so far the sun has been absent for most of summer 2016!! Even the National Village Cricket Cup, with the tantalising prospect of playing in the Final at Lords Cricket Ground, does not seem capable of motivating many village clubs to play on even a few Sundays of the early/mid summer! Some of the NVC Cup entry figures for counties that consider themselves “strong” Cricket playing Counties ought to be an embarrassment to their County Cricket Associations! Look at these local “Two Counties NVC Group”  Club participation numbers! Cambridgeshire and Norfolk (5 Teams!):           Cambs 3 !!!                Norfolk 2 !!! Essex and Suffolk (14 Teams!):                            Essex 12                   Suffolk 2 !!! Herts & Beds. (11 Teams!):                                    Herts   9                   Bedfordshire 2 !!! [...]