Stage 1 and Stage 2 Umpires Courses: Autumn 2018

A number of Umpire Courses will be held in the Autumn. Please see the message below from Nick Hall, County Education Officer for Umpires, that includes details of dates and venues and how to take part. ********************************************************************** Dear All, I am pleased to be able to provide information regarding Umpires courses to be held by HACO (Herts Association of Cricket Officials). Participants have the opportunity of attending the ECB ACO ‘It’s your Call Stage 1’ and ‘It’s your Call Stage 2’ courses at venues across the county as follows: Stage 1 - Hertford CC, Monday October 1st to Monday November 5th (4 evenings) Stage 2 - Hertford CC, Monday November to 19th Monday December 10th (4 evenings) Stage 1 - Kings Langley CC, Wednesday October 3rd to Wednesday October 24th (4 evenings) Stage 2 - Kings Langley CC, Wednesday November 7th to Wednesday November 28th (4 evenings) Stage 1 - Radlett CC, Sunday November 18th (1 day) Stage 2 - Radlett CC, Sunday November 25th (1 day) Registration and payment for courses is via the ECB Website>upcoming-courses (courses are listed in County order). There is a brief description for each course within the details. For those of you who are already members of the ECB ACO there is an overview of the new courses on Page 24 of the latest edition of the magazine. Information about joining the ECB ACO can be found in the S1/S2 course Notebook. It is anticipated that most participants will follow a Stage 2 course immediately after a Stage 1 course and there is a discount for doing this. Please note that the above courses will only run if there are sufficient numbers, so if you are aware of [...]

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Scorer and Umpire Courses

Scorer and Umpire Courses As you might be aware the MCC has introduced a new set of Laws which will be in effect for the coming season. At the same time the ECB Association of Cricket Officials (ECBACO) has introduced a new set of courses which are now focussed on umpiring skills and much less on the Laws. The MCC has introduced a new on-line resource which anyone is able to access. You will know that we have a continuing need for scorers and umpires and that the League is keen to encourage clubs to put people forward to become more capable and qualified. I hope that you will continue to support this initiative. Courses are now booked on-line via the ECBACO. For details of courses see below or visit HACO ( websites. Umpire Stage 1 Evening Courses (8-10pm) Letchworth CC – Wednesdays from 7th February to 28th February Hertford CC – Mondays from 29th January to 19th February Kings Langley CC – Wednesdays from 7th February to 28th February. Radlett CC – Tues 6th February to 27th March Weekend course (9.30am-5.00pm) Radlett CC – Sunday 25th February Umpire Stage 2 Evening courses (8-10pm) Letchworth CC – Wednesdays from 7th March to 28th March Hertford CC – Mondays from 5th March to 26th March Kings Langley CC – Wednesday 7th February to 28th March. Radlett CC – Tues 6th February to 27th March Weekend course (9.30am-5.00pm) Radlett CC – Sunday 4th March Club Scorer Courses (7.30-9.30pm) Chorleywood CC – Thursdays from 8th February to 29th March Stevenage – Tuesdays from13th February to 20th March Your club will always need more umpires and scorers to run your matches, so please make every effort to encourage your [...]

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Officials Courses 2016-2017

Delivered by Hertfordshire Association of Cricket Officials Whilst cricket is uppermost in our minds, the Hertfordshire Association of Cricket Officials (HACO) have announced the winter programme of Umpires and Scorers courses. The Hertfordshire Cricket Network recognises that Officiating is such a fundamental & important part of our game at whatever version or level of the cricket is being participated in and prides itself in the support and opportunities, provided through HACO, that are on offer for the current officials and also those who are looking to make the move into the field. As well as supporting individuals with their own aspirations of progressing through to officiating, we recognise the requirements of our leagues regarding match officials. We are sure you will agree that the greater number of qualified and competent officials we have, the more enjoyable cricket will become. Further information regarding Hertfordshire Association of Cricket Officials, please check out the website ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Umpires Finished playing the game? Still want to stay involved? Then why not take up umpiring and still see all the action in the middle! The Herts Association of Cricket Officials run courses throughout the close season to ensure we have a constant flow of new and up skilled umpires to support the game. Once qualified, become a panel umpire, and stand in Saracens Hertfordshire Premier Cricket League matches or just support your local cricket club by umpiring on a weekend. Umpire Introductory Course This is a new, short, standalone course aimed at any cricket enthusiast who is interested in umpiring. It is a 4 hour course spread over 2 evenings. It is soon expected to become a minimum preferred requirement for umpires in the Saracens Hertfordshire Premier Cricket League divisions [...]

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Umpiring Courses This Winter

The league is running umpiring courses again this winter. If you're interested please email the course leaders. There will be courses at four venues around the county running from late January or early February and details are set out below.  In addition it is intended to run a weekend course before next season for anyone interested but unable to commit to the evening courses. You will know that the League has been encouraging clubs to increase the number of qualified umpires and you will be aware of the match rules with regard to umpires in Divisions 3 to 6.  Over the last four years the response has been encouraging and I would like your support in maintaining the good level of response. May I ask you to make every effort to encourage fellow club members to put themselves forward for one of the training courses.  The feedback from those who attend is very positive and clearly they are of benefit both to our clubs and the League as a whole. Baldock Town CC - commencing on Tuesday 28nd January at 8.00pm Course leader - [email protected] Hertford CC - commencing on Monday 27th January at 7.30pm Course leader - [email protected] Radlett CC – commencing on Tuesday 11th February at 8.00pm Course leader - [email protected] Watford Town CC - commencing on Wednesday 29th January at 8.00pm Course leader - [email protected]

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